bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom Refurbishment

With time your home needs refurbishment as it start to look old. Renovation can bring back the life in your home. Bathroom s are renovated according to their space. The houses in which the bathrooms are big, more creativity can be used with a little storage space can be added also. The small apartments don’t have much space and thus requires a clever and well planned approach to manage space effectively.

Vintage fixtures and bold patterned wall papers looks amazing in a small space. The lighting can be added just above the mirror and the wash basin.  A tub is very famous in the UK. A tub can be placed like a box and it can be covered with a shower curtain. You can use tiles of plain patterns or with vintage styles. Tiles are available in beautiful and stylish patterns in the market which can suite your personality and styling needs. Never use too much color in a small place. Use one theme. Patterns can even create an effect of clutter so be careful in selection of tiles and designs.

A medicine cabinet can be placed behind the mirror to save space. If you are not a tub type person then a shower box with a glass door looks best and is very functional. Renovating a bathroom costs must be decided first and make a plan to pick what type of fixtures from the market. Always keep a Vase in your bathroom to add freshness. If you cannot buy fresh flowers every next day then an air freshener can do the trick.

Always keep in mind whenever you are renovating a bathroom that the electricity standards must be incorporated in your fittings and design. Safety is the prime concern of any person where there is water and where any accident can happen. UK has very strict electric standards which you have to follow. You can even seek an expert advice to build safety into your renovation.

Bathroom rugs can be used in front of your bath tub or shower door. You can either use rubber or cotton made rugs which you can easily change. There are a lot of online websites which can give you great renovations ideas with pictures so you can easily get an idea. Keep it simple and keep functionality in your mind. There are some common mistakes people make when they renovate their bathrooms. They keep a small budget. Buy cheap quality products which wore off easily after sometime and are not long lasting. Not following their decided designs and making changes on their own can turn your renovation into a mess and believe me you don’t want a mess. So planning your time and money and sticking to the design you want will get you the results you want. You can even take an expert advice over your design additions that you want to make into your Master design. Click here for more information about Bathroom Refurbishment.

Refurbishing Your Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, refurbishment is perhaps more than in any other space a question of style and substance. A bathroom has to serve a very specific purpose in the way that less-defined rooms do not, and so it’s vital that you consider the various practical elements which will impact your style choices alongside the overall vision for the room’s aesthetic.


Luckily, in Leicester bathroom refurbishment is a well-trodden path with plenty of experts on hand to guide you through the process!

Starting Out

The first thing you’ll want to decide is the extent to which you’ll be working independently on the project. Whilst it is possible to install a new bathroom yourself, you will likely want expert help for at least some of the jobs you’ll encounter. Make sure you are aware of your own limitations, and don’t be afraid to seek consultation from an experienced company or firm.


It’s important to research the look or theme you’re going for well in advance. Sites like Pinterest, and various home-improvement magazines are great places to start for this kind of information. Consider the furnishings you’ll require, and work to combine as much functionality with as much style as you can!