Time to Welcome The Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching and for many, it is a time to dig out the decorations from the attic and find the perfect tree. This year the theme for Christmas very much returns to a more traditional look and feel. Wooden decorations, crystal decanters, mason jars, cake stands, and decor in keeping with an old-world traditional Christmas is very much on point.

Decanting Is Desirable

The tradition of decanting is one that has slowly disappeared from the modern home as people take to pouring and storing directly from the bottle. However, decanting your drinks this Christmas adds a truly traditional feel while bringing a touch of class and elegance to the occasion. Christmas is a time of luxury and indulgence and decanting is very much en-vogue this season. An etched glass decanter available here is an absolute must have this Christmas.

Cake Stands Are Customary

Rather than simply serving up your dessert to guests with standard dishes, choose to add a sense of occasion to the day and present your mince pies and gingerbread on a multi-tiered cake stand. If you rewind the clock 40 years, cake stands could be found adorning many festive tables and mantels across the country. A simple yet tradition white stand provides the perfect contrasting backdrop for your caramel and gold treats.

Candles In Mason Jars

Candles in mason jars have become a popular home trend over the past few years and can add a real festive touch to the Christmas season. While it may no longer be a safe option to adorn your tree with candles as in times gone by, you can still create that warm Christmassy glow by purchasing some jars and placing a solitary white or red candle inside of it. The great thing about placing candles in jars is that it helps prevent hot wax dripping onto your sides and furnishings while creating a soft ambient glow reminiscent of an open fire.

Wooden Wonders

As tradition once again takes hold of the festive season, decorations are very much focussed towards the wood and brass trend. Merry go round horses, nutcrackers, cherubs, and bells are all making a comeback and will soon be adorning trees and mantelpieces up and down the country.

As the theme, this Christmas is very much based on organic materials such as woods and metals, finding decorations that tie in with your interior becomes much easier. Cast aside the garish plastic glitter balls and led lights and enjoy getting back to basics by decorating your tree in a simplistic style.

Christmas is a time to relax with your loved ones in a space that helps enhance the spirit of the season, and this season takes Christmas decor right back to its roots.