Curtains and blinds Leicestershire

Renovate Your Homes With Curtain And Blinds

You can complement your home with curtains and blinds, they will add life and bring freshness and the clever part is that they can hide away many things, which you can only cover with paint. Selecting the right curtain is very important. Since, these require maintenance so you have to change them after sometime. Silk curtains look very beautiful since they are shiny and look very stylish. Velvet curtains give a vintage style and are a little difficult to maintain. Your living room is the most important place and most of the time; most of the houses have a big window. So, you can use a velvet curtain to cover it up since in the day time a lot of sunlight comes in that room. Therefore, if you want to take a nap in your living room or you have placed your flat screen and you want to create a cinema effect then you need velvet curtains. Blinds are another good alternative. A cheaper alternative, which can easily fit into your budget.Style your home with stylish classic or casual looking blinds. Readymade curtains are available in the market at a very affordable price. You can even change curtains for every season. The curtain rods are available in metal and in wood also. It depends on what is the color of the rest of the room. Wood rods looks very beautiful and metal looks good too and are practical more.If you want a long lasting structure then you go for metal curtain rods. Heavy red velvet curtains with golden curtain rods mostly imitate the Victorian style.On the other hand, you can also keep it simple by adding cotton curtains, which are easily washable, and you do not even need to give it to your dry cleaner. If you have kids then you don’t want long curtains, you can alter your curtains according to the size of your window. The better option is to use blinds since they are sized according to the window. The blinds can even roll up and looks very neat. The blinds though catch a lot of dust and needs to be replaced after sometime but since they are so affordable so it can be easily done.Some blinds are made of wood and looks very beautiful. The best part of using blinds in your home is this that they are coming with a lot of stylish textures and patterns. Therefore, there is a lot of variety. Blinds can block the sunlight more. Therefore, if you are planning to watch a movie in daytime by creating a cinema effect then you can easily do it with using blinds. After renovations, selecting curtains and blinds for your home is like icing on a cake.

Curtain and Blinds

Change the look and light levels of any room with curtains, blinds and shutters. Curtains and blinds offer a huge range of window coverings and accessories made to enhance the appeal and comfort of your living area. Indoor and out, country blinds, curtains and doors have so many options to complement your home. Roller blind is extremely popular as numerous people are utilizing it within their bathrooms given that they can easily rolled down as well as rolled upward for permitting light to the rooms. These blinds can be used in kitchen too. Persian blinds are the most common. They consist of many of metal or vinyl, horizontal stats , they are mostly connected with the string which can be rotated and let the light pass. The venetian blind had horizontal stats, one above another. There are many types of blinds which are very useful. One of them are the venetian blinds which are basic slatted blinds. They are made of metal or plastic; wooden stats are suspended by strips of cloth called tapes, or by cords. The vertical blinds are of more use because they catch less dust as compared to the horizontal blinds. Since they easier and faster when sliding because they draw to the side rather than lifting and lowering. The doors and windows which slide and open from the sides, these types of blinds are ideal for them.  The blinds which are vertical are made available in fabric, flat plastic, faux wood materials ,embossed and  metal wood. The Japanese vertical blinds are also very famous as they are a modern modification, since they are with wood which is trimmed at the top and sometimes the bottom and mid way also. They are very easy to use.

Roman shades are a type of window blind used to block out the sun. They are often referred to as a Romans or Roman blinds in the UK. The Romans without overlapping, stack up evenly and open easily and cover the full length window. How to choose the perfect curtains for your room? There is a lot to consider when selecting a design. Chic curtains bring color, pattern and texture to a room. It is important to pick the best style? How can you start by choosing whether you want a casual or formal, contemporary or traditional style. You have to take some practical considerations when selecting a curtain. You can consider the transparency and weight of the fabric and the shape and outlook of the window. For convenience and speed, the ready made curtains are the best option. Here’s what to take into account when deciding if they’re right for your room. They start at affordable process. You can buy them off the shelf and take them home ready to use. They are often washable, so are very easy to keep clean. You’ll find good range of colors, including bright shades in washable cottons. The blinds and curtains of light color add space to the room.

The Resurrection Of Curtains In The Home

The past decade has been somewhat of a boring period when it comes to dressing your windows. Blinds have ruled the roost and provided a simple yet unattractive finish for windows. Luckily the tide is changing and it’s time to draw the curtains on the reign of the blind and enjoy the luxuriant touches curtains can add.

It’s All About Framing

Blinds lack the ability to frame your windows. With curtains, you can frame your windows in several different ways. The most important aspects of any curtain are the length and colour. And the current trends point toward neutrals and whites. While trends allow us to understand the direction home fashions are moving in, sometimes it’s a good idea to opt for individuality and go for styles and colours that fit the interior of your home.

Framing your windows allows you to enhance and highlight the views that lay beyond the panes. It also allows you to bring the space together by connecting matching fabrics and colours found throughout the room. Contrary to popular belief, curtains do not need to match the carpet, they need only to compliment it. Much in the way we frame our faces with our hair, curtains can add a softer, more elegant touch to any room.

Think About Fabric And Flow

The type of fabric you opt for will decide as to whether your room is flooded with natural light or if it will be a more atmospheric space. If you are looking to maximise the quantity of light pouring in through the windows then you will want to select a light fabric in a light and neutral shade. Think along the lines of silk and cotton.

If you prefer a subdued duskiness to your room, then you could opt for a heavier weight for the fabric. Consider jacquard, damask, or a rich velvet to create a dramatic yet calming space.  Flow also helps create the feel you are looking for. If you appreciate a summer breeze, then a fabric that is gently swayed by it will help improve the mood and feel of the space.

To Pleat Or Not To Pleat? That Is The Question

The pleat of the curtain is one of the basic fundamentals that many people tend to overlook, however, the pleat is what gives the curtain its finish and feel.  If you don’t quite know which type of pleat will be best suited for your interior, then why not seek the professional and tasteful advice from interior design experts in Leicester at

There are several variations of pleat and tab top to choose from. These range from a Single pleat, Double pleat, Triple pleat, Pencil pleat, Cartridge pleat, Goblet pleat, and Tab top. Each pleat style will give your curtains a different drape effect when open and closed and all add their own unique touch to the design and style of the room.

At the end of the day, the choice to have curtains over blinds is a personal one and one that helps bring a touch of elegance and softness to even the harshest of designs. While blinds will always have their place, the curtain is fast becoming the must-have window dressing once again, and it is about time too.

New Curtains and Blinds – Uplift that Décor Scheme

Do you want to freshen up your living room or bedroom but don’t have the money to do a complete redecoration from top to bottom? You can accomplish your aim without having to make a massive capital investment. One way to refresh things around your home is to treat yourself to a new set of curtains or blinds. Whether for your living room, bedroom or bathroom, curtains and blinds Leicestershire can offer just as much to the design of a space as any interior décor item. That’s because some of the fabulous designer fabric available today is so eye-catching, dramatic and lovely, not to mention textured enough, to alter the mood in any space in a home completely.

The best part of it is that you don’t have to stick to the current colour scheme in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. either. Curtains can add instant grandeur and cosiness while blinds use a portion of the fabric required for curtains, however, the variety of textiles and styles available means they don’t fall short on impact as well. The possibilities are limitless, you can have made to measure curtains run up to create a new accent shade or simply purchase a few lamp shade, coloured candles, and maybe even cushions in the same fabric, and you’ll have a whole new interior scheme ready to be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you.

It is not uncommon these days to go into someone’s home and find the same curtain fabric and style in almost all the parts of the house, the hall way, living room, bedroom, dining room and the study room. Though this may be a good idea as regard money saving because it is less expensive buying fabric in bulk. However, this type of decorating scheme does not actually work because, in interior décor, every room has a different purpose, and as such, each should have its own unique character. And, as human need variety, so do homes, besides, wouldn’t you get tired looking at the same style and pattern in every room after a while? Variety is essential when it comes to window decorations and dressing.

It is paramount to get samples of the curtain or blinds that you want to use beforehand, this help to get a better idea of how it will look when you hang it on your window. This is essential because they make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of a room. You cannot underplay the role curtains and blinds play in lifting the mood of your room, so head for curtain shopping and give your windows some love.

Curtains and Blinds: Why you can’t go wrong with White

Most home owners consider window treatments as finishing touches to the decoration of a room, this leads to paying little or no attention to what is used in decorating it.Your budget often run low when improving on the curtains and blinds of your home, no matter how high the cost of buying curtains or blind in Leicester for your home may be, you should never neglect this part of the building because they are very important in making a personal statement in the interiors of your home.At the early stage of home design, window treatment should be given great attention especially if the apartment has large windows just like in penthouses and lofts. Curtains and blinds are very important in the beautification of the home, choosing the right style and colour of your window does create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and also showing its size as well as giving perspective and ambience to the room.

For most people and home decorators, white happens to be a choice colour simple because white goeswith almost any design and colour combination, you can hardly to go wrong with white. White provides a unifying base for the most window designs because it’s versatile and timeless. Though there are different shades of white, but with the right blend, you can alter the feel and look of your room with white and also increase the impact of your window curtains or blinds. People want window curtains and blinds that can give real character and individuality to the room.

The light your apartment is getting from outside should be considered when choosing the colour of your window curtains or blinds. The room orientation should be considered also when selecting the colours of your blinds and curtains in Leicester, because the orientation of the room decides the warmth that the room will be getting throughout the day. Colours warm rooms, so if your room does not receive light during the day, you should think of choosing a colour that can warm the room. The new finishes on blinds, such as brushed aluminium, produce a nice cool effect on windows that need cool light from the outside. Rooms that benefit from the afternoon or sunset sun will receive reddish light and so you don’t need to give such a room any artificial warmth. Just a trick, vertically striped fabrics and venetian blinds and curtains often improve the look of a room that has a low ceiling, also they create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

It is important to invest in your window treatments and also give it the same attention that you give every other part of home decoration. You don’t want people to see a window that lack the guile of a well-built house especially if your home has a window facing an exceptional landscape. If your window is poorly designed, you can add life to it by decorating it with exceptional blinds and curtains with great colour like white.

Choosing the Right Curtains and Blinds

The kind of window treatment you go for affect the overall look of your home, it either make it look more attractive or it does the opposite. Choosing window treatments such as curtains and blinds, is not that easy, you need to bring out the creative part of your person to make good selections that will suit the look of your home.

The efficiency and functions of blinds and curtains are considerations you should keep in mind when choosing blinds, curtains and any other window coverings for your home in Leicester. Compromising your home’s overall function for the look that you would want to achieve can be avoided with the use of efficient and well-conceptualized options available in the market today.

When buying blinds and curtains for your home, you will certainly need to be little careful about a number of aspects, otherwise you may end up with a home decor that can lack aesthetic taste.

From translucent roller blinds to romans and timber venetians, the captivating beauty of blinds is their ability to control light whenever they are required to do so. Whether you are the individual that like heavy curtains or soft sheers that billow in the breeze, Curtains offers you a lot to admire, it can be used to add warmth, movement and texture to a room, it can also be used to frame a window and layer a room. Choosing and installing blinds and curtains in Leicester can be fun activities to do at home, you can consider innovating and experimenting when installing these window treatments. The unlikely combinations in material and colors can sometimes lead to the most unique and interesting pieces you would love to have at home.

You can spice up the rigid lines of blinds by augmenting it with curtains, or you can decide to go for each in the different spaces of your home. The options you get with blinds and curtains in Leicester are much, you just decide on what you want and experiment and see how it looks.

However, there are some considerations that you need to take note of when choosing the window treatment you want to use.

If your room is more informal, curtains or valances might be what you want. A lighter fabric like cotton print or lace is ideal for a more informal room, as they bring a cheery and airy feel to your room. No matter the fabric or pattern you choose, definitely mount your curtains or drape hardware several inches above and to the sides the window – and maybe even at ceiling level, depending on the height of your ceilings.

Blinds brings a linear feel to your room, so if you are the type that strives for balance and want order, then you will love the look and feel a window blind will give to your room.

No matter the window treatment you opt for, either blinds or curtains, or better still you want a combination of both just to add some extra charming feeling to your room, curtains and blinds Leicestershire are means through which we create the right ambience in our home.

Blinds and Curtains

Most homeowners often faces the dilemma of choosing between curtains or blinds for dressing their window. Before deciding on the one you want to use, it should be noted that the option you go for will affect the overall look of the room. With such a wide variety of window decorations available, making the right choice for the windows of your home can be confusing especially now that curtains and blinds has their advantages and disadvantages. However, with the right guidance and tips, you will be able to make the right decision when choosing curtains and blinds Leicester.

You should consider some factors before deciding. Blinds and curtains performs different function, so you have to know what you want for your room, for example if you want to maintain a cosy feel and look then curtains is the best option.

Blinds are highly versatile and can be matched easily to most styles of room and decorations, also blinds are cheaper compared to curtains, though the price for blinds depend on the material and the style you choose. You can go with blinds if you want to control light, as there are blinds you can get which can completely block out light. Blinds comes in several materials such as bamboo, plastics, metals as well as fabrics. Unlike in the case of curtains where you can only a fabric like material. There are different types of blinds, you have the Venetian, pull ups, romans rollers among others, making blind suitable for any type of window.

In terms of keeping them clean, blinds are easier to clean than curtains, however, curtains is the better option if a susceptible allergy sufferer will be the occupant of the room. Curtains are mostly fabrics, so they hold on to dust more.

Blinds are more flexible as compared to curtains, they are very easy to maintain and they can be changed whenever you want to change them, and blinds are utterly more durable. The lifespan of a wooden blind can be up to thirty years. You can customize your own window blinds according to your requirement. Window blinds also protect your home from harmful ultra violet radiations and direct exposure of sun heat.

When choosing the curtain to use in your home you should choose the thickest possible material in order to shut out the light, there is nothing worse than seeing the light break through the curtain in the morning.

Take your decision on which one of them you want to use based on that which will fits seamlessly with the rest of your room, in the case of curtains, this may mean choosing colours which will complement your wall or using stand out contrast colours. While if you are going for blinds, the style and material should also be considered with the walls of the room. If you have patterned walls, you could go for a plain fabric curtains in a colour tones which has shades elsewhere in the room, you can also continue the theme pattern of the walls into your curtains or blinds.

With this guide, deciding on curtains or blinds will be easier than it used to be before, and you will surely have the best option of curtains and blinds in Leicester.

Curtains and Blinds Leicester

Wondering how to make your Leicester house a home? Curtains and blinds are of great importance when refurbishing your home interior. Curtains can totally change the overall look of a room and indeed your home from the outside and don’t even come at a huge expense! The tricky thing however when deciding on curtains and blinds is there is so much choice that it totally opens up your options when it comes to home decor!

Incorporating curtains and blinds into your home is the best way to add that finishing touch to your interior. Whether you’ve got a small window or a large bay window, curtains and blinds add an element of privacy as well as giving a polished look to your windows.


The added benefits of curtains and blinds in a more practical sense of course are keeping out the cold and helping to dullen outside noise, but it’s also important to consider the right option for your space. Whether you want curtains and blinds, or just curtains or just blinds there are so many options to consider.

Here we take a look at the most on trend curtains and blinds to suit your Leicester home…

Roman Blinds

We love roman blinds, not only are they a massive space saver, but you also get to softer fabric look of curtains. Depending on the density of the fabric you choose, you could have pale roman blinds that let in the light or opt for thicker ones keep the light out. The great thing about Roman blinds is that they look fabulous alone, or teamed with curtains hanging in front of them. The versatility of these blinds also mean they suit most interior spaces.

Hanging, draped curtains

It’s important to bear in mind which room you will put heavy duty curtains in, as any high activity areas such as kitchens are not suitable for fabrics that may need cleaning regularly. It’s also important to think about colour, so make sure you pick a shade that will work well in the evening without being too oppressive during the daytime.

Barely There

Voile curtains and barely there blinds are no longer the granny net curtains of yesteryear. It’s now easy to make barely there curtains and blinds look stylish and contemporary. So if you want to combine the look of draped curtains with lightweight semi-transparent fabric and team them with a blind, this gives you the best of both worlds for privacy without blocking out the light during the day.

How to Decide on the Best Curtains and Blinds for your Room

There are various reasons why we need to choose the best blinds and curtains that best suits the colour of our home. There are numerous types of curtains and blinds in Leicester; the problem most homeowners face is making the right decision.

Whether you want a complete room makeover and design or it is just a simple room refreshing, it is wise to have a good idea of the type of blinds and curtains that you will need. One of the major focal point of a room is the window, so making it look good in a proper manner is very important in any room renovation. Dressing your window can be complicated sometimes because when you under dress it, it may look uninteresting and bare, while over dressing your window may make it to look dated and cluttered.

The question now arises, how can I dress my window in the right manner? It all comes down to the curtains and blinds you make use of. There are certain things that you will need to consider when going for a change in blinds and curtains. Below we will be going through some of them, in order to help you make the right decision.


Consideration when choosing Blinds

If you want to choose the type of blind you want to buy, your window’s measurement should be taken into consideration. Unlike in the case of curtains, blinds can be messy when they are not properly fixed, when fixing blinds, make sure they are exact with the window’s measurement to avoid making everything messy and end up not achieving the purpose of fixing it. If you have enough budgets, it is better to have you blinds tailor made but if you are on a budget, you can go for the type can be trimmed to your windows size.

The Curtain Style

The style of your room should guide you when buying a curtain for your room. The curtain for the room should fit the room style. Pelmets and heavy drapes are good for tall rooms, a room with period features a more traditional pattern is more suitable. A plain curtain with bold features will look great if you want a modern and fresh look.

The Curtain Accessories

The beauty of a curtain is not complete without the right accessory. If you plan on changing your curtains, you should spend some money on the right types of accessories that will suit the new curtains. You can get inspiration from your room, don’t just buy accessories because they look fine, the nature of your room should guide you in the type of accessories you will buy. Chrome and steel poles are popular types of poles, but they will not fit in well in a traditional cottages and homes, you should also consider using tie backs.

Colours of the Curtain

The colour to make use of is another important factor to consider when buying curtains. The colour of the curtain should be in union with the colours of the walls and carpet of your room.


Blinds and curtains are great ways of enhancing a room. A change of curtains and blinds is an easy and quick way of changing the look and feel of a room.

Tips for Choosing your Curtains and Blinds

Do it yourself

One of the biggest mistake people who are buying blinds and curtains make is to assign someone else to buy for them. Before you allow someone to get for you the coverings, ask yourself these questions: Does the person know what exactly you are looking for? Does that person understand your personal taste? Is the person aware of how your house looks like, and what your priorities are? Unfortunately, sending someone else to do your selection is likely to lead into disappointments. That is why it is always advisable to shop for yourself. If you are not sure of what you want to get, you can get the help of a professional to guide you on what would work best for you.


If they don’t match, don’t force them

You may be in love with some colors, and you want to take the color scheme and use them in your curtains and blinds. Sadly, not all colors go together. If you choose to use uncoordinated colors for your coverings, then your house will end up looking disorganized. Study the color will well, and know the colors that go together. You may try to do color blocking by choosing different colors, but you have to be careful not to go overboard in your selection.

When choosing colors, you should also consider other things like the color of your windows, furniture and the surroundings. Make sure they blend in together for a perfect finish.

Choose quality over everything

Your choice for curtains and blinds should be guided by quality. Do not focus on the price while ignoring quality. Think about it: Of what economic value is it for you to buy covering that are cheap, but they tear up within a short while. Most times, cheap ends up being expensive. It is better to go for good quality that will last for a long time and give you the service you need.  However, always keep your budget in mind and buy what you can afford.

Stylish and modern alternatives to hanging curtains

Curtains are a common consideration when people are working on home refurbishments in Leicester. People may have changed their furniture or shook up the colour scheme in each room and now require curtains and blinds in Leicester to match. However, curtains are not the only option available to you even though they are considered essential home accessories. There are many attractive alternatives which will modernise your home.

Fabric strips or ribbon valance

You might have old curtain fabric that you would like to dye and reuse. You might also own a beautiful tablecloth that you no longer have any use for but are reluctant to throw away. A valance made from fabric strips is an innovative way to reuse fabric. Even strips are cut from various fabrics and draped over your curtain rail. Some people tie the fabric onto the rail by knotting the middle and allowing the fabric to fall either side. You can also stitch the fabric together if you want a more polished result. This gypsy artisan style is homely and provides a unique and free-spirited aesthetic. Ribbons can be tied to your curtain rail which ensure a clean, more ordered appearance. Either way, this technique provides some privacy while still allowing light to enter the room.


Beaded curtains

Beaded curtains are not just confined to door frames. They can also be affixed above windows to provide an attractive detail. You might choose to create your own beaded curtains with your favourite and most sentimental beads. This also enables you to closely follow the colour scheme of your room. However beaded curtains are also available to purchase in a wide variety of colours and styles. You can purchase plastic beaded curtains at a low cost, however for a more classic finish, you might want to invest in a glass or ceramic beaded curtain which will be admired by many. Plastic and glass beads will create beautiful displays of colourful light around your room. A beaded curtain will provide privacy but will still allow you to gaze through them and enjoy the view outside.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds consist of fabric which is wrapped on a roller and can be lowered as much as you require. Lowering the Roman blind creates a block of solid fabric within your window frame which is a great solution for blocking out sunlight. It will also ensure privacy without stopping the light from entering the room. Roman blinds are available in an array of fabrics and colours. Linen and hessian fabric provides a rustic twist on this traditional solution which will add to a vintage or shabby-chic interior. You can even stencil your own designs on to Roman blinds which will provide a unique quality to your interior.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a very versatile solution for dressing your window. They are available in metal and hung horizontally or you can purchase them in fabric with the slates in a vertical position. There is such a wide range of Venetian blinds available that you are bound to find an option which is loyal to the theme of your room. You can even buy coloured- metal blinds which are an attractive addition to a teenage bedroom which your offspring are sure to approve. Venetian blinds are durable and will with stand frequent use. They are easy to maintain and will provide a clean and attractive solution for years to come.

Adhesive window film

Window film is an innovative alternative to curtains which is often overlooked. It is very minimal and does not obscure the window unlike most solutions, which allows you to make the most of the space on the sill. You can purchase window film which is translucent or tinted. You can also buy window film which incorporates a lace pattern which would be ideal for a bathroom because it provides a large amount of privacy when installed. Mirrored window film is useful as well as providing a more spacious feel. There are many patterns available which can easily be affixed to your window within minutes. They  can be wiped clean and easy to remove if you decide that you require a change.

The diverse range of alternatives available ensure that you do not have to choose curtains when refurbishing your home. There are many modern alternatives which are striking, cost-effective and simple to install. Please visit our website at: for more information.

Curtains and Blinds Leicester

curtains-and-blinds-11There is a lot more to having the perfect home than just getting the design right and having the right items. If you want your house to feel like a home then one thing you desperately need is curtains and blinds.

The addition of the right curtains and blinds make a huge difference to the way that a house feels. Here at Craven & Hargreaves we have the experience in fashion and textiles to create the perfect curtains for all environments.

We can pick up a wide range of fabrics for you for no extra cost when you use our manufacturing service. And there is no limit to the places we can source our fabrics from – so you won’t have to compromise when you use Craven & Hargreaves!

Some of the fabrics you can choose from are Harlequin, Vanessa Arbuthnott, Linwood, Design Forum, Designers Guild… and many many more!

If you haven’t made your mind up yet then pick up the phone and give Craven & Hargreaves a call. We believe that it is important to get things right when you choose your curtains and blinds. When you call us we will come to your home for a free consultation and make sure that you get nothing less than the perfect curtains and blinds for your home.