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Children Room Designs

Making your children living place comfortable is very important. The bed room of your child must be designed in a way that it must be safe and it must be comfortable as well.

Children Bed

The children really like Disney characters and they like their bedroom to be designed according to that theme. The bed can be imprinted with the Disney design, the Disney characters which your child like. The bed sheets of these Disney characters are easily available in the market. The bed can be imprinted with the character and the rest of the panels are painted accordingly to match with the rest of the theme.

Children Study Table

The most important pieceof furniture in your child room is the study table. The study table must be small in size along with a small chair to match the size of the kid. The children feel very uncomfortable sitting on chairs with their legs hanging. This also make them loose their concentration level. So, the table size must be made according to the age of the child.

Children Room Lamps

The lamps in the children room must be the most interesting. They make the children feel happy. Then again there are many Disney character lamps available in the market. These lamps can match with the rest of the theme of the room. The lamp light is the best light compared to the ceiling lights or any other light.

Wall Paper

You can decorate the walls of your children room with pink color for baby girls and blue for baby boys. You can make the ceiling a sky and add shinny stars to it. There are stars available in the market which glow when you turn off the lights. They look very beautiful and help the children in falling asleep.

You can ask your children that which color they like or which Disney character they like and then you can buy all the things on which there is a Disney character and place them in your children room. Children really like it and they are very happy and love to spend time in their room because they have their favorite theme in it.The main part in designing the children room is to pick the right color and theme and then make an effort to collect the theme things, which is sometimes difficult but they are not that hard to find in the market.

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5 tips to make your small and compact bathroom more luxurious

Today the focus of home renovation is towards a luxurious and sophisticated bathroom design. Generally being one of the most compact and functional space of the house, the design of a bathroom needs to be well planned and thought-out. A design in which the functional and utilitarian elements of the bathroom can feature as a unique design detail. So here are a few tips to make your small and compact bathroom feel more rich and luxurious.

  1. Feature Wall:

A feature or statement wall can instantly bring life to even the most compact bathroom. Just a simple play of different tiles can vouch for a unique and stylish feature wall. Luckily today tiles are not restricted to a small basic rectangular shape but available in a huge variety of colours, texture, shapes and sizes. This wide variety simply allows for endless creative possibilities. So when refurbishing your bathroom be sure to play around with different tiles for an ultimately stylish statement wall. There is a wide range of colours available in exclusive Arabesque and Moroccan Fish scale tiles that can add a unique vibrancy to your statement wall. On the other hand chevron ceramic tiles can vouch for a refined contemporary look. Yet if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant bathroom, marble remains your best options. For powder rooms large floral wallpapers can vouch for an exclusive feature wall. So when renovating your bathroom you can simply play with surface finishes for an incredibly luxurious and sophisticated space.

  1. Brass fixtures:

The most happening and sophisticated material of this year remains brass. The material can instantly bring warmth with a unique touch of luxury. So when considering to refurbish your bathroom a great investment could be brass fixtures and faucets. These incredibly stylish faucets can become the limelight of your bathroom. Brass fixtures serve as a unique design feature especially in your shower area. It gives an antique finish that could effortlessly blend in both classic traditional or even contemporary spaces. Complement this hardware with a similar brass finish with your mirror frame or light fixture, to give just the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom.

  1. Mirror styling:

The most important feature to consider when refurbishing your bathroom is mirror. It remains the most eye catching feature of your bathroom, thus special attention must be given to the style and design of your bathroom mirror. So it’s time to explore beyond just rectangular and circular shapes, opting for unique geometric shapes that give edge to your bathroom design. Asymmetrical mirrors are also gaining popularity these days instantly giving a contemporary update to your bathroom. Yet the framing of the mirror also plays an important role. It could provide the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom mirror. So when opting for bathroom renovation always give special attention to the styling of your mirror.

bathroom refurbishment Leicestershire

  1. Contemporary lighting options:

Lightning plays a major part in determining the ambience of your bathroom. So when refurbishing your bathroom just add a stylish and contemporary light fixture to really uplift the space. Today many light fixtures are especially designed to highlight your bathroom. Among these the most popular light fixtures remain wall scones that can feature as a unique and sophisticated detail of your bathroom. Yet if you are willing to give a stylish edge to your bathroom pendant lights can just be the perfect choice. Another popular trend remains to backlit your mirror to instantly bring a contemporary flair.

  1. Statement Art:

Once you have all your important design elements in place. It’s time to give your bathroom an artistic update. The possibilities are endless from beautiful paintings and witty posters to some memorable photographs. These artsy additions literally occupy no space while adding a personal touch to your bathroom. Anything that clicks with you can be hanging on the bathroom wall to make a unique style statement. So when refurbishing your bathroom always add a personalized touch to bring your space to life.

Tribal Theme Homes

A tribe is a small group of people, mostly they are related with each other. They live by sharing the same space. A tribal home is an ancient time idea. We can observe home from different tribes. Most of the homes which are in a tribe are designed according to the weather conditions also. We have so many tribes from all over the world. There are Indian tribes, African tribes, ancient Egyptian tribes and many more.You must have noticed that these tribes have different culture and this culture is even seen on their walls and in the things, they use in their daily life. Let’s start with Indian tribes. You must have observe that their homes are mostly have things which are from their culture. The theme of red and yellow is very common. Even the curtains, bed sheets and pillow covers and the utensils from the kitchen are having this theme. If you are deciding to add an Indian tribal home theme to your home. Then you can start with adding their traditional patterns of curtains and the different chardars to convert them into pillow covers.

If you decided to add an African theme into your home then you see that they use a lot of bamboo and also their traditional things are most of the time used for decorations in their homes. Egyptians are the most rich in terms of living and their life style is luxurious.Having an Egyptian theme in your home is like bringing that era in your present time. Tribal home themes are very traditional and it will also make you learn a lot about their culture. In Indian culture, they use a lot of spice in their foods. In African culture, they have strong roots with their ancestors. The Egyptian culture is very rich and their homes are made from rock because to protect them from the extreme weather of the dessert. These types of themes can be adjusted into your home with few modifications. Baskets and wooden designs can be placed into the bedroom, the living area and they can be placed on the porch also.

The bamboo furniture is also a very tribal idea. Understanding the tribal living is very important. The examples of the three tribes which are given are easy to replicate. They can be practical also with few modifications. You can throw pillows and the cushions with mud patterns. These look very interesting and support the theme. A tribal theme is very selective and it’s important to first study the culture and theme of the tribal living that you want to replicate then go for it.It will be also adding to your knowledge, at the same time, it will also make you experience a different type of living. More details at https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/.

Awesome Home – Craven and Hargreaves Design

Awesome is the creation of the new generation and living in style is an inspiration driven from the current culture. Yes, it’s true that societies experiment and then they end up with new designs. Some functional and others are not functional. Depends on the comfort level of the design. How to incorporate this awesomeness in your life style.

You can do this buy thinking and implementing creatively.

Falling Water

Having a built in water fall can be an awesome idea. So, awesome that you will feel like that you are living in rain. This will give you a strange feeling but also it will have a soothing effect since the sound of the water is used for creating peace and calmness and this techniques is used for centuries.

Glass House

A glass house is the most amazing house that you have never seen in your life. You can design your house by placing glass all over the house and you will just love it when you will be done with it. Other than glass, you can use mirrors also. Since, mirrors reflect light so, you can even save your electricity by using this technique.

Flower House

Flowers are beautiful and you can even design your home with a flower design. You can design the windows and the doors with the flower patterns engraved in them and additionally you can even use fresh flowers, by planting them in your lawn and keeping them in pots on your windows.

Mushroom House

Mushroom houses are very common. They are having a mushroom like roof and it’s all round. Most of these houses are built in the mountain areas because when its a snow fall then these round mushroom like roof’s are very effective, since they don’t let the snow set in on the roof. Instead, the snow slides off the roof and the roof plays its part in keeping the home safe. These round roofs looks very beautiful if you can use some creativity then you can imprint designs on them, which will give an amazing effect.

An awesome house is mostly linked with a wow house. Since, when someone will see your house then they must be amazed and they will have a wow feeling. An awesome house is very difficult to design because it takes an artistic temperament to design and to implement accordingly to get to the end result as planned. You see a lot of people who love art work and they even pay a high price to buy the expensive art work. So, if you are the artists and you have created a piece of art then everyone will appreciate you for your talents. So, live in style and have an awesome house. See at: https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/services/interior-design/ for more information.

Tips for Awesome Home

Have an awesome home, live with style, and make a home with all the new gadgets. Technology has made our life easy and also comfortable. It is a blessing to have an android, a flat-screen, a fuel-efficient car, and energy savers. We live in an era where style and fashion are very important. we have some tips for awesome home for you. A gym is a must. Since you get tired working the whole day and then you don’t have the energy to go out and travel again to the gym.

It will be an awesome idea to have a gym at your home. A treadmill is a must.  When you are designing a gym then you must keep in mind that you should keep only those machines which are useful and you can use them on daily basis. A gym idea is evergreen and it will work on your health also. Second, you can have a swimming pool in your backyard. Yes, the swimming pool requires a lot of maintenance. Swimming pools are best for inviting people and having a gathering too. You can make your friends enjoy the pool. Even you can use the pool every day for swimming. Swimming is the best exercise and it keeps a person healthy and fit.

home renovation, style your home awesome

Another amazing idea is that you must have a whiteboard in your home. Well, you must be thinking about what is so amazing and awesome about a whiteboard. A whiteboard is very useful. You can pin your plans and other schedules and the things which you want to remember on the board for reminding purposes. This idea is very awesome as it will keep on organized and it will make you get things done on time. You can have an aquarium bedroom. This bedroom will look amazing at bedtime. The blue color lights can be placed just above the bed. You can even have a chandelier living room. These days, beautiful chandeliers are available which are not that expensive. Another awesome idea is having a dining table with swing chairs.

It is fun to have a swing chair with a table. Other than this, an inside-out swimming pool will leave your guest breathless. This is such an amazing idea that you can have one part of your pool in a room and the rest of it outside. The spiral staircase saves a lot of space. Then adding a slide to its spiral shape can be so fun. Not, only the kids can use it but also the other people in your house can join in and have fun. If you have an open shaft in your home, then designing your bathroom on top of it with a glass floor will make you leave breathless. Hope you have enjoyed our tips for awesome home, So, have an amazing home with amazing ideas. Please visit our company website at: https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/

Future Home Designs

Home is a very special place for all of us. We are deeply attached with our homes. We want to decorate it and make it comfortable but most of us also collect decorations pieces to make their homes look different. The collection of decoration pieces shows the creativity of the mind of that person too. You must have seen people copying the Victorian styles and then there are people who create designs out of their imagination and they are the future designs, as they call it. Future is a very interesting word. So, does the future exists.

Yes, of course the future exists. Because every present have an impact on the future and all the future designs people come up with comes from the evolution of the present designs.

There are a lot of movies, magazines, fiction books and a lot of literature is available on the future. Different writers and movie makers have created an image of the future by showing advancement in technology which takes over the lives of the people and how a common man’s life is made easy by using the technology.


This is not a dream; you can have these designs built into your present home. Followings are some of the designs you can incorporate.

Energy Savers

The energy is a very precious resource and it must be used carefully. Using energy saving devices will be the in thing of the future. That includes lights, home appliances, cell phones and even the flat screen in your home can save energy.

Automatic Security System

Security systems is another evolution of the future. Our future homes will be equipped with more technology. Especially when it comes to security. Surveillance cameras and automatic recording and identifying unwanted activity, which the system can detect and set alarms, will be the thing of the future.


This word robot sometimes make you wonder that robots are a blessing, a technological advancement which will revolutionize our lives. Even today, there are robots available for sale in big stores. An automatic vacuum cleaner with an intelligent system can clean the house on it own without any assistance. Similarly, an automatic no activity detecting system can turn off the light and save energy. You can even buy a robot to clean your car and help you decide a menu. Yes, all these things are the accessories of the future. In addition, the future is here because we even today use these accessories in our homes in our daily lives.

So, yes the future is here. With time, people will observe that they use more technology to get their daily work done through robots and through more access to technology. See at: https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/services/home-renovation/ for more information.

Future home designs

You must have seen the future. You will ask me when. Well, you saw it on TV, magazines and books. There is a lot literature available over what will be in the future and how people will be living and our cars will fly and there will be no roads. The cartoon series jet sons is the best example of the future. Why the cars are flying in the future. Why there are homes in the sky. Well its all the imagination and this is how the people of today have defined the future living. If you will observe many of these things are becoming a reality. Like it was predicted that the digital age will change the way we communicate and live. So, it is happening. We have flat screens, androids and i-phones, fuel-efficient cars and even homes, which can control the weather. Therefore, the future is here. You can break the trend and be more daring in your designs. You can have an angular designs for your living space. White is the in thing. Having an angular design will add windows and doors and the rest of the furniture, not having a regular shape. Your windows can be in a triangle or round. Your doors can be like its from a space shuttle. The bed can slide in or it can fold in the wall. You can use LED lights, small light to save energy. Your flat screen TV can be used for multi-purpose. It can be used for communication. A blue tooth is a blessing, since its hands free and portrays the future communication.

Another cool idea is having a crystal apartment. You can have a crystal wall, floor and a ceiling. It will make you feel as if you are in the sky. The sofa one side can be elevated. So, it can look like a deck. This will add an interesting visual to your home. You can have a dimming lights. They are the best thing as if you are seeing a sunset. You can have drum stools. You can have a concealed control panel. The dining area can have different angular designs. The dining table can be a built in or it can have a triangle shape or an octagon. Pendant lights can be added on top of your dining table. You can having a dining table just like jet sons in which it goes in the ceiling and it comes out when it is called. So, you can have lights and other things remotely sensitive to your voice and you can control the channels of the TV and lights and other things with your voice. Since you have seen the future, then why not be in a futuristic home. Click here for more information.

Renovate your home Red, Blue and Green; an art piece

Renovating your home is very time taking and challenging. You can renovate your home to be red, blue and green. First let me tell you what is the concept of having a red, blue and green home.  A red color is the color of love and the blue color is the color of sky and the green color is the color of nature. So, It covers all the aspects of a human life and the aspects of the personality of a person. Human beings live in a social circle. Without love they cannot bond and they cannot have a home. Sky blue color is presenting a cool image. Thus, promoting peace and tranquility. The green color promotes nature. Which is essential for living. So, you can have a red, blue and green. You must be thinking what people think. Well, you are right. People will obviously talk and they will not understand the colors. However, once you tell them, they will fall in love with the idea.

You can have painting of nature, showing green and you can have painting of the sun showing light and life. You can hang paintings of the sea. In your home, you can make it a master piece by having master pieces in your home. You can be bold by adding a red floor and painting your ceiling blue like a sky. You can paint your walls blue so you can have all red, blue and green. This idea is most of the time seems odd. But it’s the best representation of the life cycle. You can have replicas of the paintings of Leonardo de Vinci and you can hang other replica pictures of the famous artists. This might seem an expensive idea. But it will surely satisfy your soul. Living in an art piece is like a dream.

So, the paints and the accessories you add with these three colors can make your home look like an art piece with a concept built in it. Selecting a red floor is very daring. This will give its full affect when a big window is added in your rooms. The sunlight will make the floor and the rest of the colors lift your home and make it look amazing. This type of a home is for an art lover only. The people who can understand art will enjoy this type of renovations. The important part is that it must satisfy your soul. Having other ideas like making your floor, walls and ceiling painted with light colors is very traditional. Though they are good for creating an illusion of space but it is very daring to add something bold to your home.

Small Room ideas

If you don’t have much space then you must avoid bulky furniture and also avoid bold colors since they will make the space look more less. Since, a small room don’t have a luxury of keeping a lot of things so you have to think of keeping selected items in your room. You can keep a bed with a light frame and it should not be heavy. You can choose white or beige color which can make your room look more spacious. You can use a magnifying trick. Mirrors can do this trick as it will give an illusion of increasing the space of a room. White lights are very important as they will be adding to the same illusion trick. The space underneath your bed can be used as a storage space. You can add two or four big drawers and then you can keep your things in it. You can keep your bed at the corner without a side table. A big window in your room can also make your room look more spacier.

If you want to further make full use of the current space, you can add the idea of using vertical designs in which you can keep a double bed design but you can keep your bed at the top and you can keep a writing desk underneath your bed. The rest of the space can be used for storage e.g you can add a wardrobe. The same vertical designs can be used for adding an iron stand, which can slide down, and then you can push it back against the wall. A flat screen can be mounted on a wall opposite to the bed. You can use your bed to watch television rather than adding a couch. A built in wardrobe in your wall can also save a lot of space and can make a small space look less full. As, the population is increasing, so it is seen that the new housing are mostly build with small rooms and the new houses have less space in them as compared to the old luxurious houses where a lot of space was available.

Small spaces are tricky since you have to be very selective and very precise in your decisions about what to keep and what not to keep. If you want to add a sofa, then have only one seat and not more then that, since your bed can be used for sitting purpose. A blind can be used instead of a curtain. A wall niche must be built when you are renovating. These serve a very good purpose of keeping a lot of extra things. So, whenever you are renovating then you have to have as many wall niches as possible. See at: https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/ for more information.

Renovate Your Home With Artistic Science

Home renovation is a mix of art and science. How it is art and how it is science? It is art because picking the right color, theme, texture and right material for your home renovation is to make the space look brighter or more refreshing can be done by an artist only. On the other hand, it is science because keeping your windows big enough so you can enjoy the natural sunlight and designing a small space so it can occupy as many things as possible is science. Renovations are tricky since it will be both demanding and can be heavy on your pocket sometimes. Nevertheless, keeping a balance is the best thing. There are many options available in the market which can be easily adjusted into you budget. Your renovations have to start with a great idea with a clear thinking of what you want. Are you struggling with less space or you have a profession which creates a clutter in your home. Do you have kids? First jot down all the main targets that you want to achieve through renovations. If you have, frequent parties and a lot of guests are invited on regular basis then what you want your home to look like. Do you want to startle them with a stunning entrance or you want to keep it simple to clean up easily later. When you start with renovations, you have to keep two things in your mind. Style and functionality, you want your home to look stylish but you cannot avoid functionality, as you have to make your daily living easy. You can plan a living room with a lower grounded conversation pit. Your attic can be used as a pillow room. The space under your stairs can be used to add a book shelf or you can also use this space by adding a door in it and you can use it as a store. This space can also be used as a book nook. If you are keeping a dog as a pet then you can make its shelter underneath your stairway. There must be two spaces for your dishwashers. One in you main kitchen and the other one is in your dirty kitchen. If you have a shabby garden, then it can be turned into a piece of art by planting flower plants. If you have a tree in your garden then you can add a tree house in it. There must be a pest control system, whichmust be installed in your house. These small bugs can be a big problem. You can add baseboard drawers to maximum your storage capacity. Your shower can have an S shaped seat, so you lie down in it. You can have a walk in shower, this way you don’t have to clean glass. There must be chutes installed in your kitchen for the recycling and trash. Renovate your home with style and functionality.

Home Renovation

Home is a place where we find peace and where we find our own personal space. If a home is not comfortable then it destroys the peace of mind and it creates hurdles in daily routine life of a family. Renovating homes is very important and it must be done on regular basis. If your home looks neat and clean and you have more open spaces and there is light and air then it becomes a source of creating wellbeing for the whole family. Bright soothing colors and designs even help in improving the health of a person. The healthier you are the better you can perform. Home is very important to all of us and most of us want our home to look beautiful. It is the ideas which can bring a small shabby place to life and the colors and the themes can change the scene.

Whether you want to upgrade the shower in the bathroom, add a skylight to the bedroom or repair original Victorian hall tiles. When you enter in your home then the first thing you see are your stairs.  You can update the untidy stairs with stylish and smart stair runner. Over a quarter of all homes in the UK are terraces, but many were built in the Victorian era and are not well suited to modern life. Even those built later were often designed with economy rather than quality of life in mind. Small kitchens, warrens of tiny receptions rooms and a lack of light are common complaints- but a terrace doesn’t have to be that way.

The month of January is considered the dead month of the year for the property agents. But now this is history because property agents were taking a vacation and going to the mountain for skiing. But the rise of the internet has drawn millions to the window-shopping online.” This isn’t the worst time of the year to buy or sell, it’s the best” says Sarah Beeny. “Everyone has time on their hands, and after being at home for a few days, many of them come to the decision that it is time to move. “ Lots of people will be playing with their iPads that they were given for Christmas” she maintains.” The first thing they are going to look at is houses”. Now people are shopping for houses on their iPads and they can reach more designs and more beautiful homes in less time by making less effort. It is very easy to display pictures of renovated homes on the internet and gain a better perspective of what the house looks before and after. Taking an old property can be exciting for those looking to create their dream home, but knowing how to go about doing it up can be challenging. When you renovate a property, it adds value to it. The important part is that how you assess the financial potential and design. Buying an old property and converting it into a piece of art is what people want. As buyers want most value out of their renovations.

Add Value To Your Property Via Home Renovation

Making improvements to one’s home can have many fantastic benefits both to the property and for the quality of life for those living within its four walls. In fact, renovating your home not only makes it look and feel better, but it can also add substantial value to it. In fact, a property in Leicester valued at £200,000 could add a further £74,000 to its value by making three desirable changes to it.

So, what are some of the most important aspects of a home renovation? And what should you consider before moving forward with it? The advice below will help you better understand the complex processes involved and, hopefully, help you decide as to whether a home renovation is the right choice for you.

Understanding the Renovation Process.

The renovation process [1] involves several key steps, which begin with the evaluation of the existing property layout and exploring the potential for an increase in profitability. Once this has been completed, the next step is the design process. The design process involves taking every aspect of the current building’s design into consideration and then working out how to improve upon it. This can be a complex and at times frustrating task to complete, especially if you struggle to see the completed picture in your mind.

Once the design process is complete and the plans have been laid out, the restoration and repair of the key features can begin. This step allows the home to retain some of its original features that lend themselves to creating a sense of character. It is important to know whether you should repair a feature or if you should replace it. Removing too much of the original outlay can leave a property looking sterile or as if something is not quite right. In fact, the renovation and restoration processes are as much of a science as they are a skill.

Structural changes may also play a big part in the renovation process and help you create more usable space throughout your home. Structural changes such as a loft or garage conversion not only help provide more space but also add an increase to the value of your property. It may also involve the removal of internal walls, and this is where expertise is required. Removing a load bearing wall could see your property reduced to the ground at the very worst or structurally unsound at the very best.

Other Things to Consider

There are also many other factors such as updating the electrical wiring throughout the home, adding or removing windows and doors, repurposing the function of a room, and adding or removing exterior extensions. If you are considering performing a home renovation in Leicester, then consulting with a dedicated and professional company who understand your desires would be your best option.

Deciding to renovate your home can be a stressful and time-consuming choice. However, the end result can create a property that you have always dreamed of while increasing its value by up to 21%[2].

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