Flooring ideas for living room and kitchen

Flooring ideas for living room and kitchen

It isn’t easy to determine the right flooring ideas for the living room and kitchen. The decision to decorate these two places of the house should not be taken lightly, as it is a big investment.

Flooring should meet your lifestyle. Because these two are the heart of the home. While deciding on the living room and kitchen flooring, two factors should be considered “Function and durability.”

Flooring ideas for kitchen

Flooring ideas for kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular room in the house, which bears a high number of spills and foot traffic. That’s why there is a need to clean the floor most frequently. So, the kitchen Floor should be long lasting and easy to clean/maintain. While cooking kitchen floor bears long periods of standing and walking back and forth. If you suffer from back issues, flooring that has some cushioning can be helpful.

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpets can absorb stains and spills and are challenging to maintain, so kitchen carpets are not a good idea. But there is good news for carpet lovers! in recent years carpets tiles have been introduced. These carpet tiles are easy to clean and install. The tiles can be removed from their place to clean and replace.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

For busy kitchens, concrete is the best option because of its durability. The concrete floor looks very decent because of its colors. Customized looks can be given to this floor, such as stamped, stained, polished, stenciled, and waxed concrete.

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

It is the most affordable and durable kitchen flooring.

This flooring is available in a variety of styles. It is effortless to install. Padding can be added beneath this floor to make it soft. It has almost 25 years of warranty.

Rubber Kitchen Flooring

Rubber kitchen flooring comes in a large variety of colors and styles. It has high grip properties that do not need any adhesive for this flooring. For busy kitchens, it is almost perfect because of its non-slippery surface.

It is available in both sheeting and tiles, which makes it easy to customize. On the one hand, Rubber flooring gives charm to the whole look of the kitchen and, on the other hand, it is safe because it is naturally water and fire-resistant.

Stone Kitchen Flooring

To give a natural, unique, and earthy look to the kitchen, stone flooring is an excellent choice! It has a wide variety, such as marble, slate, and travertine. It has color variation and natural patterns. Because of the surface, it is easy to clean. It is perfect in hot climates as stone flooring is naturally cool.

Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Flooring Ideas for Living Room


The living room is one of the biggest rooms in the house. It should be decorated very keenly to feel its full charm. While selecting the living room’s flooring, color scheme and spacing should be kept in mind.

There are numerous options for the living room’s flooring, but wooden or tiled flooring is considered a great practical choice for living room floors as there is a high need to clean this room to prevent germs.

Tiles as a living room flooring are becoming trendy and versatile, easy to clean, and perfect whether you have children or pets.

Carpet Living Room Flooring

A surface that’s warm and soft underfoot is always the top choice of people. That’s why both, carpet and plant-fiber natural flooring are worth considering.

The living room’s carpet should be hard-wearing. 80 and 20 percent ratio of wool and manmade fiber will stand up to the everyday foot traffic and look good for a long time.

Polypropylene can be used to maximize stain resistance if there are children in the house. In this century, Carpets are full of different designs, including motifs, patterns, stripes, and florals.

A carpet having Patterns in it can add glamour to the floor. Small patterns give a traditional look, while a large pattern or motifs give a contemporary aesthetic look.

Wooden Living Room Flooring

Wooden flooring for the living room is one of the best choices if the room is airy, and the carpet cannot suit the environment. The wooden floor can be real or fake; it adds a soft look to the environment. The wooden floor can have one or two rugs on it to enhance the floor.

Wood flooring has many advantages as there is a very low risk of its damage. It can also be refinished easily. It adds organic elements to the scheme of the room.

Natural Living Room Flooring

Natural flooring appropriate for the living room involves hard-wearing sisal, which can add sufficient detail by fascinating weaves. Extremely hard-wearing granite, limestone, filled travertine, slate, or even marble luxury can also be chosen. Natural stones give a consistent look to the living room.

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Carpets made from natural materials are very popular such as Natural jute, seagrass, and sisal rugs, but can be harsh on bare feet. If you want your room to look airy, spacious, and bright, neutral tones in a room should be used.

Tiles Living Room flooring

Tiles are mostly used for the flooring of the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms of the house, but they are perfect flooring ideas for the living room. Tiles available in different designs and colors are the appealing choice of the people nowadays because they are eminently suitable to bear high foot traffic and are easy to clean.

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Resin or concrete flooring

For the open living room, resin or concrete floors are ideal. Both floorings are easy to clean and manage. There is no high risk of damage. Different colors are available in this flooring.


The living room and kitchen both are the house rooms that need high consideration to manage and look after. The right flooring adds color to the charm of both rooms. Many options are available for flooring. So, it should be chosen carefully by keeping in mind a durable and decent idea.

Protective mats at entrance ways should be used to trap dirt and filth that would otherwise be chased onto your floor.