Guest Room Decorating Ideas

Guest Room Decorating Ideas

A guest bedroom is a wonderful addition to any house. While decorating your guest bedroom, you have to make sure that everything is comfortable and welcoming for your guests. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to decorate guest rooms effectively. In the effort to make the guest rooms cozier and inviting, some people end up overdoing the decorations or making their spaces look messy and cluttered with no clear theme or purpose.

When you decorate guest bedrooms with layering colors and textures, cushions, quilts, throws, and lamps, you will quickly create a sense of calmness. Do you want to know more about Guest Room Decorating Ideas? Here are smart guest bedroom style ideas that will help you to style the perfect room, and guess what? the majority of these tips are easy on the wallet.

How to Style and Decorate Guest Room

Opt for calming colors

There’s nothing as relaxing as cool colors and subtle patterns. Adding soft, soothing colors to your guest room will create a restful atmosphere. 

Remember to layer up the guest room with cozy pillows, textured throws, clean towels, and calming candles. But make sure that, the Color of Paint, cushion, curtains, and duvet is chosen wisely.

Make sure you pick the right bed and mattress

The importance of a comfortable mattress cannot be overstated when planning a guest bedroom. Also, choose a bed that will allow guests to sleep soundly regardless of the position they are in.

A mattress with a medium firmness such as a pocket sprung mattress is good for the guest room as it provides better support for the individuals.

Experiment with Your Guest Bedroom

Having a side chair in your guest room is a must, but why not go one step further and give your guests an indoor swing instead? For a more interesting and unique look, consider adding unexpected pieces of art or colorful throw pillows. 

Although it’s a great place to experiment, a guest room shouldn’t feel out of place in your home.

Furnish with furniture

Guest rooms with more than one bed are the best. It is a great idea to add a small desk or bench at the bottom of the bed to allow guests to use the room for more than just sleeping. Adding a comfortable armchair or sofa is also a good idea if you have the space. For small bedrooms, invest in multipurpose furniture. 

Make It Cozy

When designing a guest room, make sure that it provides a restful night’s sleep so your guests are ready for an exciting day of sightseeing or quality time. So make sure you put everything in a good manner.

It is possible to create a gorgeous guest room with little space, no matter what size your house is. You may consider a daybed that can double as a couch and bed. 

In case your guest room is large, consider adding extra amenities that will make guests feel at home. Adding a rug, a comfortable chair, and a lamp to the room will make it even cozier. Add a mini-fridge and television if you have the space.

Additionally, make sure your guests have everything they need. Never provide your guests with fewer towels and linens than they need. 

Toiletries are a must

Adding travel-sized toiletries to your guest rooms will make them feel welcome. You can make your guests feel at home by providing items such as toothpaste, body wash, and Tylenol. Additionally, make sure the bathroom has shampoo, conditioner, and soap so that guests won’t have to hunt them down.

Pick a Theme

Decide what kind of decor scheme or theme you want to use for the guest room and keep that throughout the space. By choosing a specific theme, choosing furniture, bedding, and accessories will be easier. Add objects to the room that fit the theme, like towels and blankets in the same color palette. 

Consider adding fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are a good way to greet your guests when they arrive. Small touches, such as a vase of flowers or mints on the pillow, can elevate even the most basic guest room.  

Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Prepare a clean room for your guests on arrival by lighting a candle, putting out a diffuser. Give guests a relaxing experience by paying attention to details. There should also be a plug point for chargers or hairdryers. 

Make the guest bedroom well-lit

Lighting is an important aspect of your guest bedroom, both for tasks and for ambient light. Ambient Lighting plays an important role in creating a relaxing ambiance in a room, whereas task lighting is necessary when reading or getting dressed.

Invest in a bedside table

It’s important to provide your guests with a side table beside the sofa bed if the room is used as a guest bedroom. So the guests can use it to put their glasses, books, and other nighttime essentials.

Set up a dressing area

Think of ways to provide ample shelf space and a convenient place to hang clothes when designing a guest bedroom. No one likes living out of a suitcase, so guests will appreciate just enough space to hang clothes.

A built-in wardrobe and dressing table can be an excellent use of space under a pitched roof, and mirrored doors can accentuate the space.

FAQs on Guest Room Decorating Ideas

What features make a guest bedroom the most appealing?

Guest rooms should have a bed, a side table, as well as a storage solution, a comfortable chair, flowers, wall paintings, and hooks with good-quality hangers. 

Is a closet necessary in a guest room?

Having a closet is a great storage option, but it isn’t that important if there are places where your guests can store their things.


While you are decorating other rooms and making them more comfortable, don’t forget your guest room. Guest rooms should be uncluttered, comfortable, and feel like a home. While decorating guest room bedding, bedding accessories, storage, seating area, and lighting should all be considered. The above-mentioned Guest Room Decorating Ideas will help you style the perfect guest bedroom in no time.

Our Guest Room Decorating Ideas will help you create a comfortable, relaxing stay for your friends and family. Let us know what are your ideas for decorating a guest room by commenting below.