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Flooring ideas for living room and kitchen

It isn’t easy to determine the right flooring ideas for the living room and kitchen. The decision to decorate these two places of the house should not be taken lightly, as it is a big investment.

Flooring should meet your lifestyle. Because these two are the heart of the home. While deciding on the living room and kitchen flooring, two factors should be considered “Function and durability.”

Flooring ideas for kitchen

Flooring ideas for kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular room in the house, which bears a high number of spills and foot traffic. That’s why there is a need to clean the floor most frequently. So, the kitchen Floor should be long lasting and easy to clean/maintain. While cooking kitchen floor bears long periods of standing and walking back and forth. If you suffer from back issues, flooring that has some cushioning can be helpful.

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Carpets can absorb stains and spills and are challenging to maintain, so kitchen carpets are not a good idea. But there is good news for carpet lovers! in recent years carpets tiles have been introduced. These carpet tiles are easy to clean and install. The tiles can be removed from their place to clean and replace.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

For busy kitchens, concrete is the best option because of its durability. The concrete floor looks very decent because of its colors. Customized looks can be given to this floor, such as stamped, stained, polished, stenciled, and waxed concrete.

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

It is the most affordable and durable kitchen flooring.

This flooring is available in a variety of styles. It is effortless to install. Padding can be added beneath this floor to make it soft. It has almost 25 years of warranty.

Rubber Kitchen Flooring

Rubber kitchen flooring comes in a large variety of colors and styles. It has high grip properties that do not need any adhesive for this flooring. For busy kitchens, it is almost perfect because of its non-slippery surface.

It is available in both sheeting and tiles, which makes it easy to customize. On the one hand, Rubber flooring gives charm to the whole look of the kitchen and, on the other hand, it is safe because it is naturally water and fire-resistant.

Stone Kitchen Flooring

To give a natural, unique, and earthy look to the kitchen, stone flooring is an excellent choice! It has a wide variety, such as marble, slate, and travertine. It has color variation and natural patterns. Because of the surface, it is easy to clean. It is perfect in hot climates as stone flooring is naturally cool.

Flooring Ideas for Living Room

Flooring Ideas for Living Room


The living room is one of the biggest rooms in the house. It should be decorated very keenly to feel its full charm. While selecting the living room’s flooring, color scheme and spacing should be kept in mind.

There are numerous options for the living room’s flooring, but wooden or tiled flooring is considered a great practical choice for living room floors as there is a high need to clean this room to prevent germs.

Tiles as a living room flooring are becoming trendy and versatile, easy to clean, and perfect whether you have children or pets.

Carpet Living Room Flooring

A surface that’s warm and soft underfoot is always the top choice of people. That’s why both, carpet and plant-fiber natural flooring are worth considering.

The living room’s carpet should be hard-wearing. 80 and 20 percent ratio of wool and manmade fiber will stand up to the everyday foot traffic and look good for a long time.

Polypropylene can be used to maximize stain resistance if there are children in the house. In this century, Carpets are full of different designs, including motifs, patterns, stripes, and florals.

A carpet having Patterns in it can add glamour to the floor. Small patterns give a traditional look, while a large pattern or motifs give a contemporary aesthetic look.

Wooden Living Room Flooring

Wooden flooring for the living room is one of the best choices if the room is airy, and the carpet cannot suit the environment. The wooden floor can be real or fake; it adds a soft look to the environment. The wooden floor can have one or two rugs on it to enhance the floor.

Wood flooring has many advantages as there is a very low risk of its damage. It can also be refinished easily. It adds organic elements to the scheme of the room.

Natural Living Room Flooring

Natural flooring appropriate for the living room involves hard-wearing sisal, which can add sufficient detail by fascinating weaves. Extremely hard-wearing granite, limestone, filled travertine, slate, or even marble luxury can also be chosen. Natural stones give a consistent look to the living room.

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Carpets made from natural materials are very popular such as Natural jute, seagrass, and sisal rugs, but can be harsh on bare feet. If you want your room to look airy, spacious, and bright, neutral tones in a room should be used.

Tiles Living Room flooring

Tiles are mostly used for the flooring of the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms of the house, but they are perfect flooring ideas for the living room. Tiles available in different designs and colors are the appealing choice of the people nowadays because they are eminently suitable to bear high foot traffic and are easy to clean.

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Resin or concrete flooring

For the open living room, resin or concrete floors are ideal. Both floorings are easy to clean and manage. There is no high risk of damage. Different colors are available in this flooring.


The living room and kitchen both are the house rooms that need high consideration to manage and look after. The right flooring adds color to the charm of both rooms. Many options are available for flooring. So, it should be chosen carefully by keeping in mind a durable and decent idea.

Protective mats at entrance ways should be used to trap dirt and filth that would otherwise be chased onto your floor.

Top 5 Interior Design Companies in Leicester

Join us to celebrate the interior and garden designers whose creativity and talent inspire and inform the pages of the Houses. You’ll find that our list of the top 5 interior design companies in Leicester looks a bit different now.

We’ve compiled top interior design companies list for you.

Top 5 Interior Design Companies in Leicester

It is not a measure of the nature of their work, the degree of professionalism or, necessarily, the size of the project they can pursue. But understanding how big a company you’re hiring can be a good way to limit the quest for a designer that suits you and your project.

1. Fox Linton

Fox Linton is a British luxury brand with a long and exceptional heritage. Fox Linton is famously renowned for its abilities in the development of opulent textiles and designs fabrics for both drapery and light and heavy-duty upholstery, offering collections of durable textiles that are made up of only the best natural materials.

Fox Linton is famous for its focused neutral color palette developed expertly by the RCA-trained designer Kathleen Butler with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

The collections are woven in some of the best factories in Britain and Europe where they work to build their sustainable collections with experienced artisans. Wool, velvet, and silk blends are their strength and sumptuously soft-yet-durable linens are second to none.


The David Collins Foundation aims to help young artists and creators across a various range of creative mediums to concentrate on their research and improve their work at crucial points in their career. Their team comprises of 45 architects, artists and furniture designers at David Collins Studio.

David’s most recent hotel and bar triumphs include The Delaunay in Covent Garden, Massimo and Bassoon at the Corinthia in Westminster, and Lime Wood in the New Forest.

The David Collins Foundation has been a member of The Arts Foundation since 2017. The inaugural prize of the Foundation under the division of furniture design was awarded to Max Frommeld in 2017.

3. Craven & Hargreaves

Craven and Hargreaves Design is a Leicestershire interior design company offering home improvement services in Leicester and the East Midlands. They are ready to bet that they are not like any other interior design company.

This business is currently the Anne Craven and Deborah Hargreaves joint partnership. Both are obsessed with making homes look incredible. In ten years they have worked together and been specialists in interior design and home renovation. From the ground up, they work on the project utilizing their considerable home improvement expertise to make sure that the project is successful and affordable.

A variety of Design services are offered by Craven and Hargreaves. These facilities include indoor architecture, home improvement, and home remodeling, curtains and blinds, and accessories.

4. Fiona Barratt

Fiona Barratt Interiors was established in 2006 and it works with the international elite to provide the best service. Their highly qualified team has an unswerving commitment to develop the most beautiful interiors in the world and their customers benefit from an obsession with perfection. 

The interior designs and architects of Fiona Barratt are leading. Fiona Barratt Interiors provides a multidisciplinary design studio, born out of the pure commitment and capacity of a talented team working closely with customers.

The experience of the Studio is extended to a number of programs, from residential to commercial and entertainment projects. Beautiful and functional solutions are developed in every project in an artistic concept balanced by a continuous sensitivity to the customers’ needs and tastes.

They have won not only the appreciation of the buyers but also recognition and prizes from several respected foreign architecture associations and architectural organizations.

5. Tara Bernerd

Tara Bernerd, Internationally renowned designer, is the founder of the interior architectural practice, Tara Bernerd & Partners. Based in Belgravia, London, the practise operates on a multinational scale and is proud of its innovative approach to interior design. Their Every project is unique and the handsome style of Tara Bernerd & Partners is one of open elegance with an industrial edge, and each room is masculine, elegant and essentially timeless.

Bernerd and her team aim to establish an organic atmosphere inside a building by creating a distinct architecture DNA that is true both to the place and to the people who call it their home. Whether in a hotel lobby, in restaurants, or in private residences, the team tries to make a distinct sense of sense and relation.

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10 best wood flooring ideas for living room in 2020

Wood flooring can be the most creative in your living room. There is no limit to decorating your living room with various wood flooring ideas. In this article, you can find 10 best wood flooring ideas for the living room in 2020.

Creating your dream living room will become so easy as you synchronize with our different ideas. You will manage to create your dream living room you have ever dreamed of. 

Wooden floor ideas for living room in 2020

Get your hands on colorful pictures and a river of information about stylish wooden flooring ideas, which will help you to make your living room stylish than others. Before jumping on the looks, have some important information about solid and engineered hardwood that might help. 

Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood is a durable one and looks beautiful from outside. It is extracted from a single piece of wood and is a long-lasting material.  Engineered hardwood offers you the same intensity of beauty in looking at it. Besides, this hardwood is heat and moisture resistant.


Wooden floor

Wooden floor

Spanish living Room

Spanish living Room elements are present in this wooden design. As you can see, the floor represents the golden shine, which calms the viewer. This design is decorated with a light wood floor. The faded paint simply adds a cherry on the top to the view of this flooring idea. Wooden beams are kept open purposely in antiqued style. The ceiling is designed gracefully for these beams.

wood flooring

By using softer finishes and materials, this living room gives a more relaxing and spaced view. The floor is mezzanine and is perfectly polished pickled oak, and due to that, the ceiling is kept high like modern styles. The Walls are painted gracefully in light brown color with white moldings. A simple set of sofas make it largely spaced and creative wood flooring living rooms for 2020.

Laminated Wood Flooring

laminated wood flooring

This living room decoration is actually the simplest yet the most gorgeous one as a viewer. This style is made with solid hardwood and comes under the category of laminated wood flooring. Laminate flooring brings easy maintenance and reduces your many worries. The light and cool paint on the walls with some paintings add so much refreshment to this living room’s environment. Waterproof laminate floors are available in the market, providing you all the facilities in a living room. 

Pecan Wood on Floors

Pecan Wood on Floors

This creative yet straightforward living room comes with planks of pecan wood on floors. The wood used here is helpful for various purposes like window framing, shelves, etc. walls are painted in a white color giving the smooth flavor for the viewer. You can choose a seating plan according to your need and image of your mind’s living room.

This is a high ceiling living room with a modern design. Floor giving a rustic feel in contrast with the plain white walls. Stone cladding on the fireplace wall makes this living room very expressive. The best furniture set you can go with is the same as you can see in this picture like dark grey fabric is used with yellow leather armchairs. The idea of this living room completely filled with wood is just excellent. 

Solid Teak Wood Floors

Solid Teak Wood Floors

This living room is designed with solid teak wood floors, which makes it a gorgeous modern design. The ceiling is paired with plain white painted walls, which add a warm environment for the furniture setup. 6 skylights right above the living area to make it a bright and more natural into space. Modern Furniture setup is placed to match the elegance of this living room idea. A large brick fireplace is used to add texture and dimension to space. The use of some indoor plants makes this whole look more comfortable and distinctive.

Polished Wood Floors

The simplicity of modern design makes this living room the most elegant one with the classic interiors. Polished wood floors with wood beams make a nice light view. Walls are painted with a light cream color keeping a warm background for space. The fireplace and different indoor plants are placed to add beauty to this living room. Furniture pieces with a modern design add the cherry on the top in this wooden living room.

Brown Wooden Floors

california trend

This living room consists of an electric mix of styles and furniture pieces with the calming painted walls. Vintage pieces with modern design make this living room a unique one. Cool gray and off white painted walls with brown wooden floors giving very distinctive appeal. This living room is small, but the design with fireplace and bookshelves makes it a special one. Two vintage bergeres in white color with a wooden frame add beauty to this design and keep it modern.


california trend

This design is basically fetched and introduced by California trends. This living room is totally in a whitewashed look. This whitewashed wood is at the top as it gives the California beach look and makes it a trending farmhouse style living room. Whitewashed wood fits perfectly in 2020 and further years with darker wood peeking out from underneath. Furniture pieces with indoor plants are perfectly placed with whitewash light paint giving a brighter and more relaxed appeal. 

Honey Wood Floors

honey wood

honey wood

This living room is designed with ‘Honey Wood,’ whose trend goes amazingly fit in 2020 and for the coming years for sure. Honey wood floors have a specialty to give your living room the appeal of larger and open. Honey wood is not just a trend, but also a color classic and looks more realistic. Walls are painted in a light color with a decent ceiling giving the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Furniture pieces and unique wall paintings make this wooden setup a distinctive one. 




This living room has simple yet the most appealing and calming look. The wooden floor looks more natural, like the polishing is done so gracefully. Homeowners or any guests always appreciate this trend. Plain white color gives the soft texture environment an item of the classic and straightforward furniture set, making the space brighter and open. Overall this wooden living room design is the most peaceful one. 



Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester

When people are decorating their home, they don’t focus on their dining. because they think that it is not used a lot and they don’t want to waste too much money. And there is no point to spend money on a place that’s used once a year. Here are some tips to design dining room in Leicester / Leicestershire.

However, this is a bad boldness because if you spent the cash on your dining room., you would make time to usage it, even if it is only once a month or week. You ever thought that maybe you don’t use it because you don’t like your dining room? If you have, then you should try to change the way its appearances. and decorate it in a style that you like, even if it means outlay a lot of money. You will use it then.

Following Are Some Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester


The Table

Start out by selection your dining table. Now you have to do some research and look in some of and online websites. and select a table that fits in your dining room. If they don’t, have a look for some sites that will custom make furniture according to your demand.

After finding the table or you are arrangement on having one made, you need to take some sizes of the room to make sure that the table fits accurately. You don’t want the table to feel too haughty and like after that no space is left for anything else. Read below Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester.


Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester

Therefore, make sure the table fits and account for the usage of the chairs. And the people visiting your dining room need to be able to get in and out without getting stuck against the wall. You need to make the room relaxed for people to use else you are not going to want to use it at all.

If you have originate a table that fulfill all your requirements, you should ask if they have chairs matching to it. If they do have, then buy them also, but if they don’t then you might have to get them custom made. Or, you could just go observing for chairs that are the same color and the filling goes with the table.

If you have selected a table with a glass top, you can at all times try and pick the padding that bouts the colour of the glass. This may cost you a bit more money., but it will be worth it in the end since you will have a table that you love and you will use it frequently.


Wall Covering

Once the table is selected, you should be with that as the feature entry, so all else has to match that. So, you must be buying wall covering that praises the dining table and room. You should be cautious not to make the room look too dull because then it will be unappealing and low.


Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester


So, if you have a dark wood table, use a sunnier color for the wall covering. Try not to make it decorative because it will look too fenced and you might not want to eat in there. You need plain wall covering, which you can complement with images of the family.

If you find wall covering that you have just dropped in love with, you can just use it on unique wall so it is more like a feature partition. Then you won’t feel too locked in. It should be somewhat that praises the plain wall covering though, so try and bout the colors that you have in the basic paper. The whole thing should look like it matches, and nothing should look out of place.


Choose stuffs that are to scale.

Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester

This sounds simple, but it can be hard to reminisce when you stagger on a piece you really love (especially if it’s antique) or if you’re trying to bounce the purpose of a smaller room. The bigger the room, the lengthier the table you should have–and vice versa. For too small or corner places where you don’t do a lot of pleasurable, consider a round table which is easier to steer around and takes up less space than one with angles. And please, no more bar tallness tables! They’re simply not happy for you or your visitors—and if your home moonlights as a cafeteria, they’ll end up observing out of place.

Craven And Hargreaves are UK’s, Leicester/Leicestershire leading Interior Designers and Home renovation Experts, we have professionals that makes us stand out from other designers. You can read Tips To Design Dining Room In Leicester and many other things.

Wood Interior Designs

The classic interior designs mostly have wood in it. Wood designs are mostly very classic and are also timeless. What to keep in mind when you have wood designs.


Wooden walls look very artistic because the wood patterns are very beautiful. The wood has so beautiful different shades of brown. When making wood walls then one must keep in mind that the most top quality wood must be used. Pine trees are easily available and its wood is available in abundance. Not only this, the wood is also of top quality and is also strong to withstand the extreme weather conditions.


The wooden roof is a little tricky because it cannot be made like a cement ceiling and the wooden roof have to be made in a triangle shape. Why this is done is because to make the roof strong and make it strong enough so it can withstand the extreme weather and also can balance out the weight of the wood.

Fire Place

Your fire place must be the most comfortable place. As it is made up of stone and you can use wood logs for burning and the rest of the place can be made of wood. The wood rocking chair is the classic and it can be placed near the fire place.


The stairways which are made up of wood gives an impression of watching an old classic western movie as the stairway in these movies are mostly made of wood. You can have it in your home and make your stairway a classic. Pine wood must be used in making a stairway as it is the strongest wood and can easily withstand heavy weights.

When selecting wood, it is very important to keep in mind the strength of the wood because the wood has a very long life as long as you pick the right kind of wood. Pine wood is the most recommended. The wood is easily available in the market and there are many experts who can help you pick the right kind of wood before you invest in it. The wood is very expensive and the same wood designs which are available in different materialswhich are not wood but have the design that you want.These cheap alternatives are a good choice and can help you control your budget and make you achieve your targeted design.

3 Design You Don’t Need to Follow Anymore

Rules about interior design are not inherently a bad thing. In fact, most designers are of the opinion these “Rules are placed to guide us”. We may not have that magic eye of interior designers, but we can try to copy their work by turning it into a formula and implementing it in our own space for a similar stylish look.

Rules like: painting small rooms white, hanging wall art at eye level, no mixture of large scale patterns on the same space and using decor of varying height have been put forward by designers.With these rules, one could feel intimidated or incompetent about his sense of style. This is so because either consciously or not, we accept them when decorating or putting up furniture in our homes.

Somebest interior design practices are no longer fashionable. Here are three “Don’ts” put forward by interior designers.

Outdated rule :The use of same metal finish in a room

Nowadays, the idea of matching metals in room space seems outdated.This rule is controversial. According to some interior designers, mixing metals feels so fresh and current whereas others opine that many people would rather feel comfortable going against this traditional rule. There are a few tricks to make this design choice attractive. First, one has to make sure that the metals in question are distinct. Eg.shiny silver chrome and brushed nickel look very much alike that it will seem accidental to have them in a single space. In such a situation interior designers suggests that one metal should be the hero colour while the others follow as accents.

Outdated rule : Follow the 60-30-10 colour guide

Blending colours in a home is not as easy as it seems, as many people do not know what colours to use in specific positions.  This explains why interior designers decided to formulate another rule; the 60-30-10 rule.It refers to the use of a 60% focal colour on large furniture in your space such as walls and carpets. It equally involves a 30% use of secondary colour on smaller furniture like windows and pillows and an accent colour of 10% on other smaller objects like lamps and smaller art.  Thiscreativity brings out a perfect blend of colours into a space. No specified number of colours is specified to be incorporated in a single space. This leaves one in suspense as to what solution to seek in overcoming the rule.

Outdated rule : The need to match all wood stains

Some interior designers do not see the need to match wooden furniture. While some hold that wood doesn’t need to match, othersbelieve the contrary and consider it as cheap and outdated. Despite the dichotomy surrounding this concept, mixing woods gives a touch of class and desired finishing. It should be noted that when wall colours and other decorative art are well placed, all wood finishes fall in place.

Nautical interiors for your dining room

Dining rooms are quite an important room in many houses, as it’s the place that most families congregate, well that and the living room. The dining room and the kitchen, as well as the living room are the rooms that most visitors to your home will get to see. It’s important to get the atmosphere right through the paint scheme and chosen home accessories.

When decorating a dining room, the nautical look can help to create a relaxed atmosphere, and it’s a surprisingly simple decorating scheme to pull together. Something in a neutral cream or white accentuated with bright blues and reds, can make your dining room look cool and modern.


One way of achieving it, is to have a white wall, or a neutral painted floor, while having bright home accessories such as red and white, or blue and white striped chairs, and a brightly coloured table in a block of colour, either red or blue. If a purely white painted room is too stark for your taste, even with the flashes of colour in the accessories and furniture, then why not paint one wall a light dove grey? Just to break up the white.

If you want to find a very informal look, then it’s a good idea to choose a bench and table set, rather than opting for a more conventional dining table and chairs. It can almost remind people of sitting at the beach, and evokes memories of childhood as well.

Choosing lighting choices like fishermen’s pendant lights will also add to the overall affect. You might want to choose one that is operated by a dimmer switch, in order to easily create ambience during a evening dinner party. They tend to be placed directly above tables for the best lighting, but if you prefer something different with this interior design look, then industrial style strip lights might be something you would like.

When thinking about the window treatments, there’s the option of using shutters like they do in New England, or if you want the maximum amount of natural light coming through then you might want to go for sheer blinds without curtains.

If this has inspired you, then please get in touch with us at Craven and Hargreaves. We’re a Leicester based interior design firm, and will happily give you a detailed consultation about what we can achieve together. Our email address is

Creating the Illusion of Size in Your Home

How many of us can honestly say that we’ve never looked around while sat in a room thinking “if only it didn’t feel so cramped”? Well, here are some handy hints as to how to make your rooms feel bigger than they actually are – exceeding their potential if you like. This article won’t go into de-cluttering as I hope that it goes without saying that the first step is to reduce the amount of ‘things’ occupying your space.


Get up against the wall!

It’s amazing how much of a difference simply moving your sofa or other piece of large furniture flush against a main wall can make. The clean lines that result combine with the reality of the extra open space to great effect.

Reflect on this great tip

Yes, you’ve guessed it – use mirrors! The choice of styles is endless and can be a fun way of making a statement while also making your room appear larger. Large ceiling to floor mirrors in between two big cabinets or bookcases can make a devastating impact on the size impression of a room.

Furniture that’s light on its feet

Small rooms will not benefit from chunky, old-world furniture. Instead make sure that dining chairs or tables made of light, fresh materials such as Perspex, acrylic and glass. If wood is to be used opt for lighter woods with thin legs and a low surface area.

Trick the eye

Large, bold black and white diagonal floor patterns (perhaps vinyl flooring) not only look impressive, but they send the eye on a dizzying journey that distracts it from the edges of the room, helping to confuse its idea of size. It can also help to make furniture appear smaller and less bulky.

It’ll be all white on the night

White rooms from ceiling to skirting boards always look bigger. It makes it harder to see where walls end and space begins. This effect can be helped by the use of recessed lights as well as (if you can) stepped ceilings and even a sky light.

Dark can work too

The same trick can be applied to darker shades, like grey so long as you stick to the same principle of ceiling to skirting board coverage in the same colour. This visual seamlessness can be enhanced by also painting doors and radiators in the same colour.

So, before you despair at the thought of accepting your lot there are some low cost options from home accessories Leicester to subtle, well chosen paint jobs that can give your house the illusion of space.

Updating Your Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Although summer time might seem a funny time to be thinking about your light fittings – there’s never a bad time to plan your next kitchen remodel and planning in advance gives you all the more time to find the perfect fixtures for you. We spend so much time these days in our kitchens and making the most of them makes sense not only from a lifestyle point of view but also from the perspective of adding value to your property. This is exactly the type of advice that those involved in kitchen refurbishment Leicester will give.


There are so many light fixtures from which you’ll have the luxury to choose and imprint your own style on your kitchen. These include chandeliers, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, mini pendants, track lighting and elegant, brimful of character hanging pot racks. A nice shade hanging low over a breakfast bar can look wonderful and is a way of introducing colour as well as making a statement. There can be so many options that the problem is deciding where and how to make a start. Of course much will be dependant on your personal taste and the existing style of your kitchen, unless of course your fixtures update comes hand in hand with a complete kitchen overhaul. Do you have a coherent theme in your kitchen? Is it a city style or contemporary kitchen, a small kitchenette or a large country kitchen diner complete with range? Is your favoured theme industrial with cold whites, greys and silvers or a more homely feel with traditional and even antique features?

The functionality of your kitchen must also be considered. Do you have a clear food preparation area like an island? If so, even if you favour recessed lighting throughout the kitchen you can opt for a trio of beautiful pendant lights over the island for a trendy, functional touch. Do you eat your meals in the kitchen or do any paperwork and computer work? If the latter is true then remember computers have their own lights, so it’s the paper that requires illumination. A handy fluorescent task light is a good option.

Lighting the spaces above and below the cabinets has become increasingly desirable. Available in slim, energy-efficient models like miniature track lights or low-voltage linear systems, under and over-cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate counter tops and cabinet recesses and also accents ceilings. On the subject of accenting it may be the case that you have some favourite pieces of art, posters, decorative plates or even a photo wall in your kitchen that you need to light up. This can be achieved wonderfully with recessed light fixtures or directed track lighting. As you can see, there is a light fixture for every occasion and with a little research and perhaps some expert advice you can achieve a whole lot by overhauling your kitchen lighting.

Basic Tips for a Summertime Bathroom Makeover

Why might I need a bathroom reviver?

Due to consistent wear and tear, bathrooms tend to begin their decline after around 20 years. The average bathroom remodel comes in at around £7-10,000, so it is very important to get things right.

Summer time is the right time

As the warm weather inspires us to get creative (and of course helps the paint dry!) now is a great time to freshen up your bathroom freshened and add some of the style you’ve been dreaming of. As bathrooms represent a ‘high traffic space’, making sensible reformations can yield excellent results in terms of resale value, so also make sound financial sense.


Essential tips

When considering bathroom refurbishment Leicester it is imperative that you consider utility and design as well as making allowances for where the water fixtures must occupy space.

Due to their typically small and enclosed nature away from the rest of the house, the bathroom is usually somewhere you can really go to town on should you desire, with playful colour schemes and interesting features. Even so, it makes real sense to ensure that your material choices are maintenance light, energy maximising and bright and airy.


There are so many options for bathroom flooring that it can be overwhelming. If you have a very small bathroom, then it makes aesthetic sense to go for large tiling and patterns, ensuring the space doesn’t feel cluttered. Ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring are the two most sensible options. If going down the ceramic route, make sure that the tiles are grade 1 or 2, have less than 7% water absorption and are slip resistant. Vinyl flooring can, however feel much better underfoot and is more practical (cleaning) and cheaper.


Tiling is a great way to freshen up your walls. The classic option is to tile half way up in white and create a stylish border of your choice. More expensive, but more durable and easier to clean than painted walls, tiles are a great way to make your mark on your bathroom wall.


LED, LED, LED: the bathroom lighting mantra. LED lights use up to 75% less energy than other options and last up to 25 times longer. Well chosen lighting is a must.

Fixtures and Fittings

These take up an average of 20% of a bathroom remodelling budget and are used heavily many times a day, so durability and ease of cleaning are key. Glass shower doors can be treated with anti-spotting agents, which really help to keep your bathroom looking clean and new. Quartz is more practical than marble and all-brass fixtures are a must.

How to Introduce Colour into your Home

This March 2015 was the first year that I’d noticed the interesting International Colour Day. The day prompted a lot of discussion on interior design forums and it seems that each year the industry is embracing colour to a whole new level. Crown Paint, Valspar Paint and Dulux have all launched their individual campaigns highlighting the importance of colour, with the latter warning that we are sleepwalking into a future without colour, enticing us to become ‘colour rebels.’ Colour really is one of the best ways to add that personal touch to your home. But just how can we do this without making an almighty mess of our home refurbishment Leicester?

Start small

If your home is understated and filled with neutral tones, try to identify a statement piece to catch the eye. How about a chest of draws in the living or dining space with each draw painted a distinct colour. Perhaps start with yellow at the top, moving through some greens and finishing in blue. The sides, top and back of the chest can all be painted one subtle shade of greenish blue – perhaps the same as the penultimate draw? If this seems too audacious, perhaps start with introducing some flowers in a colourful, bold vase or some coloured cushions.

Big in 2015

This year we have seen the trends shift away from the nondescript cream and beige palette to a cooler set of colours such as silvers, fresh whites and greys. This trend is in keeping with the idea of bringing the industrial into the home. On the fringe of the more popular choices there is a real buzz about using colourful ‘artist palette’ designs against a backdrop of icy white.


Sometimes the very nature of an accessory lends itself to colour experimentation. Window blinds are a clear choice when to create a bold impression in an interior because of their ‘blocky’ look.  It is also easy to use colour contrasts or combinations, by using a border on a roller blind or alternating slat colours.

Kitchen mix

Colour mixing in the kitchen has been on the rise of late and helps kitchens look less ‘out of the box.’ The most obvious way to achieve this is with the units. A blend of oak and hand painted units can look lovely. This introduces a homely feel and elegant shades of blue and grey can look great against a predominant oak set-up. The great advantage to this is the colour can be changed in the future, giving you a relatively cheap freshen-up option going forward.

Storage Solutions and Upcycling Tricks for City Life

Life in the city can mean a sacrifice in terms of living space and after all with all that socialising and wining and dining, who needs a mansion to come home to, right? When it comes to putting everything back after a spot of home renovation Leicester then these tips may just save you some time AND space as well as giving your home a quirky touch or two.

It’s never the wrong season for a good old fashioned clearout and often the precursor and even motivating factor for a revamp of your living space and storage options is to don the gloves and get started on the clutter cull! Luckily the fine folk at Storage Solutions have come up with an infallible ‘five box declutter technique’ to help you make those ruthless decisions. Essentially this involves marking five boxes dedicated to 1 – Bin; 2 – Store; 3 – Donate [or sell]; 4 – Keep; 5 – Relocate.


De-cluttered? Good. City living goes hand in hand with minimalist style and what could be more in vogue than upcycling? Both trends are satisfied in the idea of using old shower hooks on wardrobe bars to tidy away all those handbags. It’s a simple, cost-effective way of putting some surprisingly bulky objects out of sight.

In the kitchen, those fortunate enough to benefit from high ceilings can fix a rack upcycled from a bicycle wheel or the round top of a decorative metal garden table to some ropes to be attached to rings in the ceiling. From this surprisingly chic contraption (a conversation piece for sure) you can hang those infuriatingly un-storable pots and pans.

One of my favourite little tricks is gluing or (perhaps more safely) drilling the lids of glass jars to the underside of a table or sideboard and storing bits and bobs in the jars underneath! It’s an ingenious idea for craft rooms, garages and sheds and is strangely addictive once you see how handy it can be. You can even try it out in the kitchen for your spices and herbs – perhaps underneath some shelves – doubling your shelfspace.

Clever storage and old world charm need not be mutually exclusive and for those who feel that a good bookshelf choc-a-bloc with fine reading is imperative, a bookshelf can easily be built into the wall at the foot of a bed in a small bedroom, which lacks the space for a standing bookshelf. To give it that quirky upcycled twist, if the room design allows an old wooden ladder could be split, making a mid wall corner bookshelf. With just a little thought and imagination the opportunities for ingenious, space-saving, inexpensive city storage solutions are endless.