Give your kitchen an elegant look with kitchen interior designing tips

Give your kitchen an elegant look with kitchen interior designing tips

When the sun comes out, we want it to be reflected in our homes with welcoming colours and a sense of space. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, you can make it the heart of your summer living. Follow the below-mentioned kitchen interior designing tips to make your home look great.

If you’re redesigning or redecorating, base your scheme on fresh, light tones of your favourite colour. If you prefer neutrals to colours, find ones with a warm base tone which will work well in the winter, too, especially if your kitchen faces north and doesn’t get much natural light.

A north facing kitchen may not need curtains or blinds, but if your kitchen faces south or west, you’ll certainly need to think about the window treatment. If your windows are shut while you’re out at work all day, in the summer, heat will soon build up and make the room unwelcoming.

If you have children or dogs using the kitchen as a route to the garden, choose a practical floor covering such as laminate, which is easy to clean and should withstand the occasional dropped plate.

In a large family kitchen, guests will want to come and chat with you as you cook, so introduce a breakfast bar, stools for an island unit or put a table and chairs near the patio doors. Make the most of summer by enjoying the lighter days and the garden as you cook and eat. Try and make sure that your main working space faces the window.

As well as enjoying the extra daylight, think carefully about task lighting. Use spotlights in the ceiling targeting high use areas such as the sink or under cupboard lights to flood your worktops. If you eat in the kitchen, consider pendant lights above the table for a more subtle effect.

If you have a small kitchen, keep to a palette of pale colours for cupboards, worktops, tiles and paintwork to increase the impression of space. If your main worktop or sink faces a wall in a “galley” kitchen, consider putting a mirror above it to reflect the light. (You’ll be able to keep an eye on children playing in the garden too!)

Why not some have glass-fronted cabinets or open shelves? They’ll open up the space more than a run of solid cupboard fronts. Keep worktops as clear as possible of large appliances to make them seem longer and go for a floor covering in a single colour rather than a ‘busy’ pattern.

For a summery look on a budget, a great idea from an interior design company in Leicester is to add new storage tins, t-towels or utensils in ice cream colours or a vintage pattern, or put pots of herbs in painted flowerpots along the windowsill.

So, whether you’re considering a major revamp or want to make a few subtle changes, a little planning will make sure that, whatever weather we have, your kitchen will be the sunny heart of your home this summer.

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