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Types of Blinds That Are In Style 2021

Windows are essential for any house, office, and space. Yet the windows, patios, or backyard doors look boring without blinds. These boring spaces yearn to be filled with stylish blinds. Also, there’s no denying that our home interior is incomplete without blinds. They infuse a sense of perfection in the bare spaces. And make your mornings and nights more soothing. Fast forward today, people are more concerned about the aesthetics of their places. So, many people rely on experts for their services while choosing the types of blinds that are in style.

Benefits of blinds

Choosing blinds over curtains is the smart decision that you can ever make to spruce up your windows. You will be sure to reap the following benefits of using the blinds

  • You can control the amount of light entering your room
  • Maintaining them is not a hassle. You can just wipe them to remove dust and dirt
  • If you are more concerned about the privacy of your room, blinds make a good choice
  • They act great as a substitute to fill up space
  • Blinds come with a wide array of styles, patterns so you can match them with your taste.

Let’s explore different types of blinds that are in style.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are in style for large windows or doors. They are hung from the clamp present at their top. Their panels are long enough to cover the entire length of large windows. So, they ensure maximum privacy while controlling light. Also, they allow you to turn each panel left or right and slide them to one side. Moreover, installing them is a breeze. If you fancy saving your money, these economical blinds are a great choice.

Venetian Blinds

The most popular type of blinds is Venetian blinds that feature horizontal slats made of wood, plastic, or metal. Cords are used to suspending each slat apart, and you need to unlock the slats by pulling them with strings before lowering or raising the blind. They shut down the sunlight totally and make sure your room won’t heat up.

Cordless Blinds

Another type of blinds that are high in demand is cordless blinds. Children are at high risk of injury by strangulation with the cords of blinds. So, they are great options for those who have children in their homes and are concerned about their safety. Further, installing them is a breeze, and they don’t need any cord for operation.

Wooden Blinds

If you’re looking to decorate your rooms or workplaces, wooden blinds are a great option. They’re adjustable and let natural light enter your space. The wooden horizontal slats are used to regulate sunlight. Wooden blinds give total privacy and comfort since they may be opened or closed depending on how much light enters the room.

You may easily buy them from the market and trim them down to fit your window size. These wooden blinds are accessible in various colors, patterns, and price ranges. You may easily select according to your preferences and budget.

Roman Blinds

If you want to replace the blinds on your windows, keep in mind that each window is unique. Therefore, the design and style of the blinds that have been installed on them are equally impressive. When it comes to decorating your window, Roman blinds are a beautiful alternative. They are available in a variety of silk and linen fabrics.

These blinds have a unique design on the windows. They create a lovely and tidy fold at the top of the window when you desire light in your room. If you don’t want any light in the room, pull the fabric back, and you’re done.

Cellular Blinds

Shopping for cellular window shades, but feeling a little confused by the range of cell measurements? … | Honeycomb blinds, Cellular shades, Energy efficient shades

Cellular blinds are made from pleated material that forms honeycomb-shaped sections. These blinds are a good and beautiful window treatment. Cellular blinds are also known as honeycomb shades. Because they quickly filtered or blocked the light by using these blinds. Honeycomb shades or cellular blinds are available in single cell, double cell, and triple cell variants. Their price depends on the layer of cells. If you use several cells and layers of fabric, you can insulate more tints in the material.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds may be pretty helpful if you want to add style and atmosphere to your house. These blinds are unique and easy to install. An aluminum coating is used to manufacture these blinds, which keeps the house cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

The aluminum coating also protects the room from UV rays by reflecting them. Finally, one of the essential advantages of pleated blinds is that they don’t block all the light and air from entering the room. So even with the shades entirely closed, your space will seem light and airy.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most stylish and attractive type of blinds. A single piece of cloth wraps around the casing in roller blinds and fits at the top of your window. With the help of a pull cord attached to the bottom of roller blinds, you can quickly up and down the blinds.

Roller blinds keep the room warm. These are the most affordable type of window blinds available in the market. Also, some of these blinds can be open and closed by using motorized controls.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are an excellent choice for covering big windows and doors. If you have a large sliding door or window, then panel blinds are perfect for protecting them. They also make your window and door stylish. These blinds can easily open and close with the help of wand control. Panel blind can also be used for room dividers.

Bringing it all together

Blinds can bring a huge change in your room- and for good reason. Their versatility and practicality make them a good choice for installing them in your room. Knowing the most trendy types of blinds, you can install the one that matches your taste and caters to your privacy, heat, and lighting needs.

Here are Few tips on Curtains and Blinds.

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Curtain and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are available in all sizes and colors in the market. Picking the right fabric and design will create the effect you want in your room. Whenever you are buying a curtain then you first have to see what the color of the walls are and what the rest of the theme of the room is. Blinds are also very good alternative to the curtains as the maintenance of blinds is far easier than curtains. A curtain or a blind is more like a complement which you can add to your home. There are so many types of blinds available in the market. When it comes to picking the right curtain for your home. You first have to understand the your requirements. Curtains are available in a single panel with a window set also. Semi opaque curtains creates blackout and completely blocks the light. They are mostly used in bedrooms. Curtains are available in casual and classic style also. The length of the curtains is depending on how much you are ready to spend. You can either make your curtains touch the floor or they can be sized to fix your window. Polyester is mostly used to make a curtain. This fabric is sturdy, durable and affordable. Curtains can be made of silk, velvet, lace or cotton. The UK weather is rainy most of the time so cotton curtains can be used since they don’t absorb so much of moisture. Lace curtains looks very beautiful and add a lot of texture to your rooms.

Shades or blinds, There are roller shades which are designed with a rolling mechanism and they are very easy to use. All you have to do is to roll up your shade and when you want to cover your windows then you just roll it down. Similarly, there are other types of blinds available like the honeycomb shades, pleated shades, Roman shades, Vertical blinds, solar shades,aluminum blinds and sheer shades. The cost of the blinds is far less as compared to the curtains. The blinds can also be used to darken the room. Blinds are more stylish than curtains but curtains also have their classic look. If you are a fan of classic looks then you can add curtains to your home. Blinds and shades are cheap in cost and they can be easily replaced as the cost is low. Mini blind and plantation blinds are very common and they also look very beautiful. Mini blinds can be used in kitchen. The Roman blinds are very functional with a drapery appearance. If you have kids then you need a roller blind as it can roll up and can stay away from the reach of children. Wooden blinds and solar shutters can add a lot of texture to your home. The wooden blinds gives an effect of a wooden wall. So, blinds or curtains whatever you pick, it must suite your comfort and budget and not to forget it must at style to your home.

The Art of Window-Dressing

As every interior designer knows, windows imbue a space with an incomparable energy. Natural light and gorgeous views can work wonders in a home, but it’s vital not to miss out on the finishing touches: curtains and blinds!


When it comes to curtains and blinds Leicester has a wide-range of choice on offer for every budding designer to decide from. Here are some points to consider when making your decisions.

Functionality First

Depending on the room you’re dressing, curtains and blinds play a radically different role. If you’re someone who struggles to sleep without the comforting embrace of total darkness, you’ll want to make sure that any window-dressing in your bedroom is sufficiently thick and hard-wearing so as to allow you a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an injection of colour in the kitchen or bathroom, you can afford to sacrifice weighty fabrics for something more light and fun.

Decisions, Decisions

There are so many different types of curtains and blinds on offer that half the battle is choosing which style best balances the look you’re going for alongside the functionality we mentioned above. Roman Blinds can be impractical in some circumstances, but perfect for others, and so it’s vital that you decide on the style you’re looking for early and then begin to narrow your choices from there.