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Tribal Theme Homes

A tribe is a person’s identity.A person who belongs to a tribe can understand this. People around the world travel and settle in different countries. You must have observed that because of this people come across different cultures and people having different life styles. These people when get inspired from other cultures, sometimes adopt the life style and even when they go back to their home land then they take the life style with them thus resulting in inspiring others.

There are so many tribes in this world and so many cultures.Yours home design can come from an inspiration from a tribe. Let’sdiscuss some of these tribal life styles and how we can incorporate them in our homes.

Indian Tribes theme

India is a developing country. However, long ago India had a lot of tribes. People use to live in small groups. Indian culture is a very rich culture and there are a lot things which the people of India do and adopt in their life style which is coming from ancient culture and also their religion. Even the Indian culture is as old as the Buddha. It will be an interesting them to have ajrak lamps and designs on the wall. To have baskets and sofa set made up of straw. Even, it is observed that Buddha status is wearing a shawl which is showing the design of ajrak. This is a piece of cloth which the kings use to wear.

American Tribes theme

American Tribes? Yes, it is a question mark. So, Amercia had tribes. Once upon a time, the people of America use to live in tribes. Their life style had horses, horses carriages,wooden houses and not to forget the cowboy style. You can have an American tribe theme in your home. With paintings of horses and cow boys hats in your living room as a decoration piece. You can keep a small model of a horse cart in your lawn. The cowboy hats looktribal. You can ever wear them and you can ever decorate your house with them too.

African Tribes Theme

There are a total of 3000 tribes in Africa. The 10 most popular tribes are Zulu, Maasai, San Bushmen, Yoruba, Xhosa, Hausa, Himba, Oromo, Kalenjin and Chaga. So, there is a large variety to select the themes for your home. The most functional themes must be selected, as comfort of the home is the priority. Baskets, red shawls, furniture made up of actual tree and not carved can be used for creating an African theme.

When you start over with planning and implementing the themes, you want. You will notice that you will learn a lot about the life style of these tribes. Click here https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/ for more information.

Ancient Walls Bedrooms

In Accent times, walls use to depict a nations culture, religion and customs. As, it was found even in caves and in many countries wherever accent remains were found that the accent people use to write on walls for recording their events and even recording their religion. So, walls are always an important part of a man’s life and in every era, walls were used by man to reflect their lives. Today, the people have the same mind set. You will observe that most people will hang beautiful paintings to decorate their walls. Wall decorations are discussed as under;

Oil Paintings

Paintings are very important, as they catch and preserve different life events and nature. You can hang oil paintings in your bed room. Most of the original wall paintings are very expensive, so an alternative can be these paintings replicas.

African Wall Design   

There is a rich history of Africa and its people. Since, the weather conditions are very extreme in Africa. So, their homes are made up of mud or wood so to kill the heat. You can use wood wallpaper in your bed room and you can even make your window look like an ancient African culture. African culture use wood stands with their cultural African faces so that can be an interesting decoration piece in your bed room.

Victorian Wall Design    

Is the time of Victory ancient? Yes, we can declare it to. If you want this design to be a part of your bed room then red and golden is the color themes which will fit into your bed room. Using this design will make you select heavy wood furniture for your bed room with most of the furniture which will be with carvings.

Egyptian Wall Design

Whenever we think of the Egyptian times, the Faros and mummies come to our mind. But, interestingly, Egypt have a very rich culture and when we talk about their walls then you will find their walls to be most rich since they use to record history events on their walls. So, you can have a history wall with Egyptians symbols in your bed room wall. This will be very interesting.

Asian Wall Designs  

The continent of Asia have many nations living in this continents for thousands of years belonging to different religions. Religion have a very big influence on the life style of the people and it can be seen in their daily live. Most of the Asian countries have more or less similar culture. The Chinese culture use more paper and bamboo with Chinese scripts on it. In India, people keep their walls white due to extreme weather. So, you can use one of these themes in your bed room wall.

When you go to sleep in night then these walls will take you to ancient times.

If you need more details visit about us page at: https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/about-us/ for more information.

Accent walls bedrooms

Walls are very important. Having a well decorated wall can bring out the beauty of a home. Let’s start with the walls inside the house. Your bedroom is a very private place and it must be as peaceful as possible. Adding a concrete design with sharp edges can be interesting with a pendant light panel. You color palette can be energized with a bright and bold patterned rug. This arrangement is best for the extreme cold weather, when you have snow outside. The heavy patterns generate warmth and a sense of comfort against the extreme weather. A monochromatic room is an artistic idea. This room can be designed with panels which can be white painted with a backdrop having a stunning portrait. A striking patterned rug with an eye-catching pattern can be placed just in front of the bed. The walls can be brown and the bed side tables can have a cosmo pendant lights. You must be thinking that these bold patterns can make a room look less spacey. Well in the accent times, when there were limited building material and techniques available. Forts and houses were built using soil and rock. Though they will look very daring if you will add them to your home in present time. But, why not. You can use concrete instead of the actual soil since it requires a lot of maintenance. The rock idea is still applicable. The walls can look like as if they are from ancient times if you will place small rocks or sliced big rocks on the wall with a pattern in it. They will depict as if the room is from the designs of a fort or a castle.

Having wood patterns are also very interesting and they depict an ancient era. An era when limited building material was available. A time when the houses were built using wood, rocks and soil. If you will have a wall with sliced wood covering your wall then it will be best for those areas where the weather is very cold. The rocks design can suite both the cold and hot weather. You can have neutral grays and matte grays or a dark blue green color of rock design. To add to the definitions, a beige colored vase can be used. A natural amount of different variations can be used to make your walls look more ancient. Living in such a home is more like watching a thriller every day. This will give you a feeling of how ancient people use to live. A glossy glass panel looks very smooth and its also functional. Cabinets made of wood can be added to the room for storage purpose. These designs will make you go in the past. Please visit our website for more details.

Renovate your home Red, Blue and Green; an art piece

Renovating your home is very time taking and challenging. You can renovate your home to be red, blue and green. First let me tell you what is the concept of having a red, blue and green home.  A red color is the color of love and the blue color is the color of sky and the green color is the color of nature. So, It covers all the aspects of a human life and the aspects of the personality of a person. Human beings live in a social circle. Without love they cannot bond and they cannot have a home. Sky blue color is presenting a cool image. Thus, promoting peace and tranquility. The green color promotes nature. Which is essential for living. So, you can have a red, blue and green. You must be thinking what people think. Well, you are right. People will obviously talk and they will not understand the colors. However, once you tell them, they will fall in love with the idea.

You can have painting of nature, showing green and you can have painting of the sun showing light and life. You can hang paintings of the sea. In your home, you can make it a master piece by having master pieces in your home. You can be bold by adding a red floor and painting your ceiling blue like a sky. You can paint your walls blue so you can have all red, blue and green. This idea is most of the time seems odd. But it’s the best representation of the life cycle. You can have replicas of the paintings of Leonardo de Vinci and you can hang other replica pictures of the famous artists. This might seem an expensive idea. But it will surely satisfy your soul. Living in an art piece is like a dream.

So, the paints and the accessories you add with these three colors can make your home look like an art piece with a concept built in it. Selecting a red floor is very daring. This will give its full affect when a big window is added in your rooms. The sunlight will make the floor and the rest of the colors lift your home and make it look amazing. This type of a home is for an art lover only. The people who can understand art will enjoy this type of renovations. The important part is that it must satisfy your soul. Having other ideas like making your floor, walls and ceiling painted with light colors is very traditional. Though they are good for creating an illusion of space but it is very daring to add something bold to your home.

Renovation With Innovation : Home Accessories

After when you are done with home renovations.You can start accessorizing your home.Colors, decoration pieces and a lot more.If you have renovated your home by adding a book nook space under your stairways then you can make it a comfortable place by adding small pillows and cushions. Place a quilt to add more definition to the place. A small book shelve can be placed near it with flower vases. The stairway can be decorated with a timeline of your pictures. The collection of frames takes a long time but if you stick to it then you can gather a good collection of picture frames.The fireplace can be added with some small chunks of wood and you can place a rug just in front of the fireplace. The curtains or blinds have to match the theme of the rest of your home. If you are having adding wall papers having scenery or you want to add a wall paper with bold textures on it then you can match the curtains with it. Plain curtains look best. You can pick cotton, silk or velvet. The cotton curtains are very easy to maintain as they can be washed easily. The chandelier looks best infront of the main entrance.Adding a lot of storage space is very important as it clears up all the extra clutter in your home. Wall paper can bring life into your space. Picking the right wall paper is the key. If you pick a good bold textured wall paper on the stairway then it will make your stairway look very poised. Accessorize your home with side tables so you can place vase on it and put fresh flowers in them. You can also use air fresheners if you have a busy schedule to pick the fresh flowers from the flower shop. You can put a rug infront of the main entrance. If you have pets then you can keep their space in your backyard. If you don’t have a backyard then you can place your pets in the kitchen area. A flat screen is the best choice for your home. As it takes less space and looks neat on the wall.Always keep a center table in your television room and always keep a space for magazines and newspapers. Your living room have to be the most comfortable since you spend most of the time there so you have to place comfortable sofa set there with big cushions which you can also use as pillows. Always keep indoor plants in your home. They keep the air fresh and atmosphere cool and fresh. Adding green plants have a very good effect on soothing the mind. Please visit our company website at: https://www.cravenandhargreaves.co.uk/services/accessories/

Accessories To Enhance Your Home

Bring Your Walls To Life

All too often, the walls of the home are reserved for hanging paintings and plaques on. However, the walls can play host to some interior enhancing accessories such as vintage style clocks, wall art, and Pinboards.

The accessories you add to your home all work together to help enhance the look and feel of the space and can be a quick and easy way to change the atmosphere of the room. Pinboards make an excellent alternative to picture frames and can create a personalised finish to your family photos, drawings, and notes.

Don’t Forget Your Shelves

Bookshelves can sometimes become sterile and tired areas and are often overlooked in favour of other areas of the room. Enhancing your home with interior decoration involves bringing otherwise overlooked areas of a room to life. Simple additions can be made, such as statement-making bookends, backlighting, and artistic pieces.

In fact, why not think about changing the way you would usually use a space in its entirety? A tired cabinet can be brought back to life by making it a focal point and using it to stand a statement piece on instead of holding coasters. Take books out of bookshelves and utilise bookends so that they can be freestanding on a mantel or windowsill. The Idea is to give new purpose to older items and give it a fresher look and feel.

Lighting Can Be A Feature

For most people, lighting is a necessity and not an area that they see as a possible statement piece. However, lighting is one of the most important players in the look and feel of a room.  Instead of a standard lampshade, why not look at stained glass shades that cast different shapes and shades around the room to create a vibrant and exotic feel to the home.

Chandeliers are often thought of as the reserve of large stately homes, but, in fact, they are suitable for any size room, you just need to understand the way in which size and scale work together in harmony. Up-lights can bring the upper half of the room to life, while diffuse lighting helps create a soft and ambient glow. If you are looking for home furnishings in Leicester, then, Craven & Hargreaves can help you turn your visions into reality.

Mixing Old With New

When it comes to home furnishings, all too often people decide on either a vintage look or opt for a more modern feel. The majority of the time there is no middle ground and a home can either look dated and stuck in time or cold and sterile. Creating an inviting and warm home takes a keen eye to work out how to bring the two styles together in harmony.

A vintage style photo frame placed atop a glass table against a classic cream wall is a perfect example of how old and modern styles mix well. Things don;t need to look out of place, and matching two different styles to work as one is an art form in itself.

Accessories are what finish a home and help place a unique and individual stamp on it. The accessories should reflect those who they surround and help give your home an identity that reflects who you are.

Create a Refreshed Interior with Home accessories

In the bid to create an elegant and comfortable home décor, homeowners have adopted various home accessories. It has been a quest for most individuals to create a home that offers both comforts as well as style. It is quite easy to spice up the interior of a home with the different type of home accessories. Home accessories products and elements such as curtains, wall plaques, furniture, painting, lighting, and prints, complement the overall furnishings in home décor. In recent past, home décor has gained tremendous popularity.

The style and lifestyle of people are continually changing this also affects the kind of home accessory products they adopt. Home accessories Leicestershire highly influence home furnishing theme, and this has brought out various types and styles of the goods used for different purposes in home décor. The good thing about home décor is that it is possible to create your home fashions and accessories, as well as purchase accessories from stores. By combining purchased products with your own ideas, you can create a space that is uniquely yours for a meagre cost.

Home accessories and home elements add beauty and elevate the ambience of your living space making a fashion statement about your home the very minute you place them inside. What home accessories do is help in creating a fresh and cosy look of your home. If done well, home décor will not only add a comfy and cosy feeling to your home but will also add to the overall resale value of the property.

Investing in bespoke furniture is not only practical but will create a unique, stylish design. The good thing about spending on bespoke furniture is that they are designed to your specification. They will maximise every inch of space in your home, and pieces such as drawers can be made to fit a particular space in your room, and they can be made to include divisions to suit your belongings. To create a more luxury look in your home, you should consider using fabric clad styles, mirrored or high-gloss woods and apply handcrafted finish pieces such as gold or chrome details.

Having an integrated appliance in a home is a major factor if you want to create a luxury look. Making a fresh coffee in your kitchen in the morning is great, especially if you’re the type that likes coffee, and an integrated machine works fine in both convenience and luxury. So it is an excellent idea if you consider an integrated coffee machine with a hot water tap, though it might appear more as a conventional approach, however, it is a luxury in itself. Though it may come at a cost, you should also consider incorporating a sound system, because it makes you home seamless with sound.

Most people fail in this aspect. Not giving your interior decorations the required finishing touch may render all your designing labour useless. There are some amazingly lifelike silk flowers which are a great low-maintenance option and add a permanent wow-factor to your interior. Opt for an eye-catching arrangement, in fresh colours, such as ivory and green, displayed in a modern vase such as a Perspex vases with lights on the inside. Also, invest in artworks, go for modern frames with mirrored or metallic finish.

Needed Home accessories for Home Furnishings

Home accessories are the things that complement our home, luxury home accessories makes our homes stands out, and they particularly should show our personality. Home accessories include photo frames, soft furnishings, vases, home fragrance, fancy lightsand many other interior essentials which no interior should be without.

It is always a quest for human being to create a living space that offers comfort as well as style. In trying to create a unique home decoration that suits your taste and at the same time elegant and comfortable, you have touseseveral elements of home accessories. Home accessories in Leicester have aunique place in makingan exquisite living space for luxurious living. To achieve the special look that you want, you should spruce up the indoor living space of your home with special and at same time unique home accessories that accentuate your personality. This can be achieved with various home accessories products and elements which may includepainting,furniture, lighting,curtains, and prints.Another important accessory that will add beauty to the interiors of your home is wall plaques, they creates an impact on the interiors of your home and also complement the overall interior home furnishings.

Home accessories such asthe well-knownperfumed candles can be put into good use in creating an aromatic ambiance for those that like such smell or probably you want to decorate your home for aspecific occasion that demand such aromatic atmosphere. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the right home accessories. People are changing and so are their lifestyle, and since their lifestyle is changing,you should also expect the way they accessorise their home to change also. There are various home elements and home accessories of home furnishings and home decor.Home elements and home accessories have influenced the overall theme of indoor home furnishings and home decoration in general. Most of the home accessories products such asfurniture,curtains, wall print and wall paintings usuallyspice up the whole feel and look of the home.

Everyone has what they are looking for when decorating their home, people havetheir unique preference and taste. A variety of home accessories and home furnishing products have found a way into every element of decoration in homes.

Both indoor as well as outdoor furniture is an integral part of the general Home accessories in Leicester and as such properattention should be given to furniture when accessorising your home because they will greatly affect the general look of the interior furnishing of your home.Bedroom furnishing also part of the overall home furnishing, so adding home accessories in your bedroom should take an important part in accessorising your home. Some of the bedroom accessories include pillows, coverlets, duvets, you can also add picture frames in your bedroom. Home accessories enhance the general beauty of the home, it also elevate the ambience of the home by creating cosy and comfortable feel of the home.

Tips For Adding Accessories to Your Home

Home accessories in Leicester are an important aspect of home decoration. With home accessories you will be able to add your personality to the design of your home in various ways. The trick is all about knowing what you want and how to decorate your home with the right home accessories. This article focuses on tips that can assist you in adding home accessories that will bring out the beauty in your home.

The first in adding home accessories in Leicester is deciding what theme you want to achieve. For example are you looking to achieve a country, ethic, traditional, contemporary or a vintage theme. Once you’ve decided on the theme you wish to achieve, you can then browse through magazines or the internet to find the accessories you will need to achieve the design theme. You also need to take note of the colors of accessories that you are buying to align with the color the space is painted with.

Area rugs used under a dining room table should be large enough to also accommodate the chairs when fully pulled out. Place furniture completely on the rug for a warmer effect. Area rugs can define a space and pull a room together.To create an attractive look of your home, you should consider grouping your home accessories in different heights and textures as well as in odd number. For instance, you can group a night side table with a picture frame, a small flower pot and a lamp.

Mirrors are great to expand a smaller space. Try leaning a tall mirror behind a bed as a head board for a dramatic look. Try a large mirror that stands on the floor attached to the wall behind a small dining room table. Low lighting with lit candles will sooth all your troubles away. Bathrooms can have a spa appeal by placing clear glass bowls filled with colored soaps, bath salts or bubble bath beads on the bathroom counter. Candles are also look great on a bathtub.

Lightings are an integral part of home decoration so should be done excellently. Lighting creates ambiance and should align with the theme you want to create. Accent a large picture with a spot light to enhance a focal point in a room.Avoid cluttering entry ways, as this is the first place of the home that is seen, and it gives a hint of how the rest of the home will look like. You can decorate this space with some unusual accessories on a side table to give it the right tone.

When hanging pictures, ensure that the center of the picture is exactly at eye level, place art works eight inches above the table, or six inches above the sofa.Bookcases are usually cluttered, vary the heights of books with the tallest in the middle.Try to vary the size of the shelves vertically for interest. You can also mix and match books with ornaments, but make the books the focal point.Don’t put small books next to tall books. Place a plant on the top shelf for balance.


There are so many unique options to choose from you are bound to find the perfect matches for your unique style.

Home Interior design with Vintage style have become more popular in Leicester and in the UK in general, with exquisite decorative touches and vintage home accessories in Leicester. The vintage style interior decoration for home has gained this much recognition partly due to its cost. When decorating the interior of our home, it would be very simple to go with a modern home accessories, however, vintage home accessories can also be extremely beautiful. Vintage home accessories in Leicester have a certain charm that no other style offers and they help in creating a cosy and inviting interior. Home accessories in Leicester are the perfect way to tell visitors a little bit about the person that lives in the home; they are the perfect way to dress up the home with personal touches. The goal is to make a home your own by adding pieces to it that reflect your personal taste.

Nothing brings a more personal touch to your home more than do it yourself vintage home accessories in Leicester,and this can be integrated easily into your existing design or change it by bringing new touches.

Designing your home with vintage home accessories can be achieved on a much lesser budget than decorating with other styles. So for those that cannot afford those precious iron furniture need not despair. With some creative little tricks, you can produce an astonishing and gorgeous home interior while saving money during the process. Vintage home accessories Leicester produces a look that will last, they are eclectic and can be added over time. The beauty of vintage home accessories is that with the addition of few things, you will make a wonderful impact on the way things look, unlike the modern design that you have to get rid of most of the accessories in the room.

While a vintage look does require a certain amount of work in accessing old items, it can also be a lot of fun during the decoration process. You can create a match or mismatch of odd chairs by the type of paint you choose to use, and you can also create a difference in your dinning furniture by using a coat of white or a wood stain.

Carrying vintage designs of personal accessories gives a boost to your confidence. Whether it’s a pen, card holder, key ring, picture frame, watch or an umbrella you can get vintage designs in anything.

Vintage home accessories in Leicester is a unique, cosy and timeless style of interior home decoration, using the right accessories with innovative and decorative touches, it can brighten up a home without putting a big hole into your bank account. It also has a personal touch, as no two vintage style homes will look the same.

A vintage home interior look is perhaps one of the most pleasing and easy to achieve home decoration. A mix of colourful patterns with white or light painted furniture will bring this clean, fresh look to your home.

Best Home Accessories Idea

Living in Leicester and planning on spicing up your home with some of the latest up to date home accessories, no matter where you are staying either in the countryside or town, there are several ways to update the interior space of your home with nice home accessories in Leicester. Adding home accessories to the interiors of your home is the perfect way to update your interior with minimal stress and also a huge way to inject colour without having to crack out the rollers.

Home accessories makes the interior design of our home stand out, and a home is not complete without accessories. Home accessories include major decorative furnishings such as prints, photo frames, vases and several other key interior essentials that adds to the beauty of a home. Decorating your home can be a daunting task to complete, however, if you enjoy what you are doing, it will turn out to be a fun project.

A home with a beautiful interior starts with the understanding of what you want to achieve. Once you have an idea of what you want, then achieving becomes easy. You can decide to go for a contemporary design or a vintage interior, in any condition, you have to decide on what you want because it will act as a guide to what you will need, how to get them and how to place them in your home interior.

Having the right home decoration starts from making use of the right home accessories. A home with the right accessories, decorations and furnishing is a living haven to the family and the visitors. As a homeowner you can have a combination of urban and unique styled home interior with the proper mix of modern home accessories and some classical pieces. When applying accessories in the interior of your home, your comfort should be of the highest priority, there should never be a reason why you should compromise your comfort, you should take your comfort serious and add the accessories accordingly.

To have an appropriate home accessories in Leicester for a beautiful home, there are some home accessories you should be looking at adding to your Leicester home.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains adds elegance, class and charm to your home, with the right pattern, print and fabrics, curtains and drapes offers exceptional luxury and style to your home.

Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures adds awesomeness to a home and is one of the home accessories that are more of a necessity than it is a luxury. If chosen right, lightening fixtures gives your Leicester home a new lift.

Carpets and Rugs

Leicester home has different form of floor finishing. Carpets and rugs are among the floor finishing that has huge effect on the look of our home. All the spaces in our homes have different types of carpets and rugs that fit with the colour and design of each rooms of the home. The choice of carpets and rugs any space, either the living room or bedroom depends on the homeowner, however, the constant thing remains that this accessory adds elegance to the home.

Home Accessories Leicester

Living in Leicester and planning on sprucing up your home with some home accessories? Whether you’re in the countryside or town there’s plenty of ways to update your interior space with accessories.

Home accessories are the perfect way to update your interior with minimal fuss and also a great way to inject colour without having to crack out the rollers.

If your home is neutrally decorated, then adding a splash of colour through wall art, soft furnishings and furniture is a great way to create a dynamic, yet homely space.

A good thing to bear in mind before adding any accessories to your home is what is the overall look you want to achieve. Some contemporary and stylish interior trends including; Scandinavian, Urban Chic, Contemporary Country are current and fairly easy to achieve through home accessories.


Scandi Vibes

To achieve a minimalist Scandi vibe within the home you can look toward home accessories such as faux fur rugs, throws and pelts to bring an Arctic quality to simply designed sleek furniture. The key with this look is to keep a simple and neutral colour palette whilst choosing your home accessories.

Urban Chic

For an Urban Chic interior look toward raw material accessories such as stone top tables, and metal accessories such as lamps, all whilst straying away from fabric furnishings.

Contemporary Country

Contemporary Country is a great way to go all out on the home accessories, from throw cushions to cute picture frames, object d’art and more, this look is all about accessorising and is sympathetic to homes in the Leicester countryside. When it comes to materials look out for crisp linens, beech wood, and accents of florals when it comes to cushions or curtains as this will add that traditional yet modern twist to your look.

Glam Luxe

With jewel tones set to be big on the radar for 2017 interiors, when it comes to home accessories, sumptuous fabrics such as velvet are a great way to achieve this look through home accessories. Look out for embellished curtain ties, fringed throw cushions and opulent marble accessories such as coasters to achieve this regal look, but team with sleek metal accessories to keep it up to date – rather than dated!

A  more modern twist to home accessories is a great way to update any space, be it a man cave, study or dining area, and can be done to suit any period of property.