Can you Mix Curtains and Blinds in the Same Room?

Can you Mix Curtains and Blinds in the Same Room?

Blinds and curtains can dramatically change the feel of a room, but what if they were paired together? As an interior design company, we are often asked the question ‘Can you mix curtains and blinds in the same room?’ The answer is, ‘yes’ – when used together, they can create appealing decor and ensure enough light control and privacy. However, you need to follow certain style guidelines to get the look just right.

Slay Your Window Treatment With Curtains and Blinds

Rather than deciding between curtains and blinds, why not install them both? A combination of curtains or blinds is an excellent choice for rooms that receive a lot of light during the day or at night. Blackout curtains filter light, but blinds and curtains work together to create a more comfortable environment. So, Install blinds and curtains together instead of blackout curtains to make a room more comfortable.

Why do we mix Curtains and Blinds?

There are two kinds of window coverings – one is curtains while the other is blinds. Both blinds and curtains work differently and bring different features. Some people may think that they can mix curtains and blinds in the same room. Well, in our expert’s opinion mixing curtains with blinds in a single room is a good idea if you’re aiming for continuity. By combining the two, you can create an overall window-treatment scheme that is consistent. Keep an eye on the color of both products, of course. You don’t want to end up with a room dominated by one or the other! 

Curtains and blinds on one window may seem like additional work. Yet, it has many benefits, Such as:

  • Filter direct sunlight 
  • You may leave the blinds open for natural light while closing the curtains for privacy
  • keep the room warm in winter and cool during summer
  • Creates a sense of depth 

Use a contrasting color with a vibrant design to tie the room together.

Do’s and Dont’s of Mixing Curtain and Blinds

Do you want Blinds and Curtains together? The following are our suggestions for window treatments with curtains and blinds.


Measure Carefully – Curtains should be near the ground, lightly touching the ground or .5 inches above.

Aim for Consistency – Hang blinds and curtains in one room at the same height for a more coherent look.

Choose Your Blind First – Decide what type of blind you need such as sun-blocking, light control, or insulation.

Choose Curtain Pattern Based on Blinds – Solid color blinds go well with printed curtains. If you choose a dark solid color for blinds, then choose printed curtains that have the color of blinds.

Hang Curtains Tall and Wide – For a more expansive and elegant appearance, hang curtains above the top of the window and outside its width. If the curtain rod is placed close to the ceiling, the ceiling will appear higher than it actually is.


Ignore Your Environment – Does your street have a lot of traffic? Then you should avoid sheer curtains that provide little privacy. If your room is southern-facing, then you should select curtains and blinds that let natural light in, and this will also save you money.

Combine Prints – One of the Curtains and blinds should have a solid color and one in complementary printed colors.

Hanging curtains too low –Do not hang Curtains directly over the window, as this will make the room look small and cramped.

Pick the Same Curtains across the House – Consider creating different moods for each room of your home, depending on its use and the existing decor. Choose more vibrant, bright colors and designs for the kitchen, softer prints and calm colors for the bedroom and guestsroom, more elegant and luxurious designs for the living room, and kid-friendly prints for a child’s bedroom.


Mixing Curtains and blinds can be a great addition to your home. The choice between curtains and blinds is dependent on the purpose it will serve in the room and your personal preference. Above mentioned information allows you to mix curtains and blinds in the same room effectively. 

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