Ancient Walls Bedrooms

In Accent times, walls use to depict a nations culture, religion and customs. As, it was found even in caves and in many countries wherever accent remains were found that the accent people use to write on walls for recording their events and even recording their religion. So, walls are always an important part of a man’s life and in every era, walls were used by man to reflect their lives. Today, the people have the same mind set. You will observe that most people will hang beautiful paintings to decorate their walls. Wall decorations are discussed as under;

Oil Paintings

Paintings are very important, as they catch and preserve different life events and nature. You can hang oil paintings in your bed room. Most of the original wall paintings are very expensive, so an alternative can be these paintings replicas.

African Wall Design   

There is a rich history of Africa and its people. Since, the weather conditions are very extreme in Africa. So, their homes are made up of mud or wood so to kill the heat. You can use wood wallpaper in your bed room and you can even make your window look like an ancient African culture. African culture use wood stands with their cultural African faces so that can be an interesting decoration piece in your bed room.

Victorian Wall Design    

Is the time of Victory ancient? Yes, we can declare it to. If you want this design to be a part of your bed room then red and golden is the color themes which will fit into your bed room. Using this design will make you select heavy wood furniture for your bed room with most of the furniture which will be with carvings.

Egyptian Wall Design

Whenever we think of the Egyptian times, the Faros and mummies come to our mind. But, interestingly, Egypt have a very rich culture and when we talk about their walls then you will find their walls to be most rich since they use to record history events on their walls. So, you can have a history wall with Egyptians symbols in your bed room wall. This will be very interesting.

Asian Wall Designs  

The continent of Asia have many nations living in this continents for thousands of years belonging to different religions. Religion have a very big influence on the life style of the people and it can be seen in their daily live. Most of the Asian countries have more or less similar culture. The Chinese culture use more paper and bamboo with Chinese scripts on it. In India, people keep their walls white due to extreme weather. So, you can use one of these themes in your bed room wall.

When you go to sleep in night then these walls will take you to ancient times.

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Accent walls bedrooms

Walls are very important. Having a well decorated wall can bring out the beauty of a home. Let’s start with the walls inside the house. Your bedroom is a very private place and it must be as peaceful as possible. Adding a concrete design with sharp edges can be interesting with a pendant light panel. You color palette can be energized with a bright and bold patterned rug. This arrangement is best for the extreme cold weather, when you have snow outside. The heavy patterns generate warmth and a sense of comfort against the extreme weather. A monochromatic room is an artistic idea. This room can be designed with panels which can be white painted with a backdrop having a stunning portrait. A striking patterned rug with an eye-catching pattern can be placed just in front of the bed. The walls can be brown and the bed side tables can have a cosmo pendant lights. You must be thinking that these bold patterns can make a room look less spacey. Well in the accent times, when there were limited building material and techniques available. Forts and houses were built using soil and rock. Though they will look very daring if you will add them to your home in present time. But, why not. You can use concrete instead of the actual soil since it requires a lot of maintenance. The rock idea is still applicable. The walls can look like as if they are from ancient times if you will place small rocks or sliced big rocks on the wall with a pattern in it. They will depict as if the room is from the designs of a fort or a castle.

Having wood patterns are also very interesting and they depict an ancient era. An era when limited building material was available. A time when the houses were built using wood, rocks and soil. If you will have a wall with sliced wood covering your wall then it will be best for those areas where the weather is very cold. The rocks design can suite both the cold and hot weather. You can have neutral grays and matte grays or a dark blue green color of rock design. To add to the definitions, a beige colored vase can be used. A natural amount of different variations can be used to make your walls look more ancient. Living in such a home is more like watching a thriller every day. This will give you a feeling of how ancient people use to live. A glossy glass panel looks very smooth and its also functional. Cabinets made of wood can be added to the room for storage purpose. These designs will make you go in the past. Please visit our website for more details.

Future Home Designs

Home is a very special place for all of us. We are deeply attached with our homes. We want to decorate it and make it comfortable but most of us also collect decorations pieces to make their homes look different. The collection of decoration pieces shows the creativity of the mind of that person too. You must have seen people copying the Victorian styles and then there are people who create designs out of their imagination and they are the future designs, as they call it. Future is a very interesting word. So, does the future exists.

Yes, of course the future exists. Because every present have an impact on the future and all the future designs people come up with comes from the evolution of the present designs.

There are a lot of movies, magazines, fiction books and a lot of literature is available on the future. Different writers and movie makers have created an image of the future by showing advancement in technology which takes over the lives of the people and how a common man’s life is made easy by using the technology.


This is not a dream; you can have these designs built into your present home. Followings are some of the designs you can incorporate.

Energy Savers

The energy is a very precious resource and it must be used carefully. Using energy saving devices will be the in thing of the future. That includes lights, home appliances, cell phones and even the flat screen in your home can save energy.

Automatic Security System

Security systems is another evolution of the future. Our future homes will be equipped with more technology. Especially when it comes to security. Surveillance cameras and automatic recording and identifying unwanted activity, which the system can detect and set alarms, will be the thing of the future.


This word robot sometimes make you wonder that robots are a blessing, a technological advancement which will revolutionize our lives. Even today, there are robots available for sale in big stores. An automatic vacuum cleaner with an intelligent system can clean the house on it own without any assistance. Similarly, an automatic no activity detecting system can turn off the light and save energy. You can even buy a robot to clean your car and help you decide a menu. Yes, all these things are the accessories of the future. In addition, the future is here because we even today use these accessories in our homes in our daily lives.

So, yes the future is here. With time, people will observe that they use more technology to get their daily work done through robots and through more access to technology. See at: for more information.

Future home designs

You must have seen the future. You will ask me when. Well, you saw it on TV, magazines and books. There is a lot literature available over what will be in the future and how people will be living and our cars will fly and there will be no roads. The cartoon series jet sons is the best example of the future. Why the cars are flying in the future. Why there are homes in the sky. Well its all the imagination and this is how the people of today have defined the future living. If you will observe many of these things are becoming a reality. Like it was predicted that the digital age will change the way we communicate and live. So, it is happening. We have flat screens, androids and i-phones, fuel-efficient cars and even homes, which can control the weather. Therefore, the future is here. You can break the trend and be more daring in your designs. You can have an angular designs for your living space. White is the in thing. Having an angular design will add windows and doors and the rest of the furniture, not having a regular shape. Your windows can be in a triangle or round. Your doors can be like its from a space shuttle. The bed can slide in or it can fold in the wall. You can use LED lights, small light to save energy. Your flat screen TV can be used for multi-purpose. It can be used for communication. A blue tooth is a blessing, since its hands free and portrays the future communication.

Another cool idea is having a crystal apartment. You can have a crystal wall, floor and a ceiling. It will make you feel as if you are in the sky. The sofa one side can be elevated. So, it can look like a deck. This will add an interesting visual to your home. You can have a dimming lights. They are the best thing as if you are seeing a sunset. You can have drum stools. You can have a concealed control panel. The dining area can have different angular designs. The dining table can be a built in or it can have a triangle shape or an octagon. Pendant lights can be added on top of your dining table. You can having a dining table just like jet sons in which it goes in the ceiling and it comes out when it is called. So, you can have lights and other things remotely sensitive to your voice and you can control the channels of the TV and lights and other things with your voice. Since you have seen the future, then why not be in a futuristic home. Click here for more information.

Renovate your home Red, Blue and Green; an art piece

Renovating your home is very time taking and challenging. You can renovate your home to be red, blue and green. First let me tell you what is the concept of having a red, blue and green home.  A red color is the color of love and the blue color is the color of sky and the green color is the color of nature. So, It covers all the aspects of a human life and the aspects of the personality of a person. Human beings live in a social circle. Without love they cannot bond and they cannot have a home. Sky blue color is presenting a cool image. Thus, promoting peace and tranquility. The green color promotes nature. Which is essential for living. So, you can have a red, blue and green. You must be thinking what people think. Well, you are right. People will obviously talk and they will not understand the colors. However, once you tell them, they will fall in love with the idea.

You can have painting of nature, showing green and you can have painting of the sun showing light and life. You can hang paintings of the sea. In your home, you can make it a master piece by having master pieces in your home. You can be bold by adding a red floor and painting your ceiling blue like a sky. You can paint your walls blue so you can have all red, blue and green. This idea is most of the time seems odd. But it’s the best representation of the life cycle. You can have replicas of the paintings of Leonardo de Vinci and you can hang other replica pictures of the famous artists. This might seem an expensive idea. But it will surely satisfy your soul. Living in an art piece is like a dream.

So, the paints and the accessories you add with these three colors can make your home look like an art piece with a concept built in it. Selecting a red floor is very daring. This will give its full affect when a big window is added in your rooms. The sunlight will make the floor and the rest of the colors lift your home and make it look amazing. This type of a home is for an art lover only. The people who can understand art will enjoy this type of renovations. The important part is that it must satisfy your soul. Having other ideas like making your floor, walls and ceiling painted with light colors is very traditional. Though they are good for creating an illusion of space but it is very daring to add something bold to your home.

Streamline one room living with style

When you think of a small space for living, then some people are very uncomfortable but it is challenge and it can be easily done if you put your mind to it. Living in one room seems impossible and wanting all facilities seems impossible to adjust in one room. With all the difficulties and challenges, it can be possible. You must be thinking that how will you adjust your kitchen and bed and tv and the rest of your things in one room. Well you can start with first deciding where you can place your kitchen. As you, enter into your room, your kitchen just in the beginning so, you can save some space in the rest of your room. You can keep your bed near the window and you can push it to your wall. The center space will be free with this setting. Now, in the middle space, you can keep a center table and infront of that you can keep a flat screen TV. The middle table can be used as a dining table too and you can use it for multipurpose like for writing and doing the rest of your work.

Always add a peg board in your room, it is very useful because you can hang your hat, your umbrella, your coat and a lot of other things and it saves a lot of space since you don’t need a wardrobe for it. In one room living, you have to have a built in wardrobe. A hanging chair is a very clever idea. It saves space and looks very stylish. You can even have a built in desk which can fold back in the wall. This way it can only occupy space when it is required. The bath room can be added just opposite the kitchen so this space can be utilized properly. You can place your automatic washing machine inside the bathroom area to save space. Always buy an automatic washing machine since it is designed to spin and dry all the clothes. So, you don’t need a separate space to dry the clothes. You can have pink tiles in the washroom, since they look very nice and a black heated towel rod can be added to keep the bathroom warm during extreme cold temperature. A full-length window is very important. It will illuminate the whole room, giving an impression of space. Coffee tables are very useful. They are small but serve the purpose.

The last but not the least are the cushions. They must be big in size so they can be used as pillows at bedtime. Flat screen TV are best for small spaces. They can be mounted on the wall and they don’t even take much space. You can live in one room and it will never cross your mind that it is small because if you will plan it well. You can adjust everything in it according to your lifestyle. Click here for more information.

You can make your home look like a masterpiece. As, if you have hired professional interior designers

Hiring professional interior designing services can be expensive. Interior designers can also be called artists since they have a creative mind. But, don’t be upset if you are unable to afford an interior designer. Look no further and decide to be an interior designer yourself. You can do amazing art work and do amazing renovations if you have the right direction. It cannot be denied that there is no alternative of experience but you can start by following these easy steps. First, you must do a thorough research that will give a enough ideas. After you are done with going through magazines, websites and have visited homes and malls where you can pick as many ideas as possible. The second step is that you start jotting them down on a notepad. After you have collected a number of ideas, you can start screening them and only pick those ones which you think are workable for your renovations. Third, start finding about how you can find good alternative solutions of your ideas. An example can be that if you like the Victorian style furniture then what can be the best less expensive solution of it. Fourth is that you draw a map of what you will do next. Make a plan of how to fit your ideas into your home.

After doing all this, you will have results that your home is renovated by an interior designer. It’s the knowledge and the skills which makes a difference. You can gain this knowledge by researching and by thoroughly going through ideas so they can be easily implemented. You can accessorize your home with alternatives which you can find in different magazines and websites. The easiest way to learn and implement great ideas is through selecting the pictures of already available designs. You can add depth and designs in your walls with a mix of bright and bold both textures. Drama is very important. It is not that drama. You can do this with adding glamour. A chandelier can do this trick. You must brain storm on the ideas you picked so you can get a refined decision of your ideas. Focus over balance. Being balanced in decision making and selecting the right accessories can make your home look like a dream. Find your inner instincts and be a pro when you decide the best ideas for your home renovation. Short courses are also available. If you can find them to take a crash course then you can learn a lot of skills and then you will not be needing a professional interior designer to design according to your budget. Please visit our company website at:  for more details.

Small Room ideas

If you don’t have much space then you must avoid bulky furniture and also avoid bold colors since they will make the space look more less. Since, a small room don’t have a luxury of keeping a lot of things so you have to think of keeping selected items in your room. You can keep a bed with a light frame and it should not be heavy. You can choose white or beige color which can make your room look more spacious. You can use a magnifying trick. Mirrors can do this trick as it will give an illusion of increasing the space of a room. White lights are very important as they will be adding to the same illusion trick. The space underneath your bed can be used as a storage space. You can add two or four big drawers and then you can keep your things in it. You can keep your bed at the corner without a side table. A big window in your room can also make your room look more spacier.

If you want to further make full use of the current space, you can add the idea of using vertical designs in which you can keep a double bed design but you can keep your bed at the top and you can keep a writing desk underneath your bed. The rest of the space can be used for storage e.g you can add a wardrobe. The same vertical designs can be used for adding an iron stand, which can slide down, and then you can push it back against the wall. A flat screen can be mounted on a wall opposite to the bed. You can use your bed to watch television rather than adding a couch. A built in wardrobe in your wall can also save a lot of space and can make a small space look less full. As, the population is increasing, so it is seen that the new housing are mostly build with small rooms and the new houses have less space in them as compared to the old luxurious houses where a lot of space was available.

Small spaces are tricky since you have to be very selective and very precise in your decisions about what to keep and what not to keep. If you want to add a sofa, then have only one seat and not more then that, since your bed can be used for sitting purpose. A blind can be used instead of a curtain. A wall niche must be built when you are renovating. These serve a very good purpose of keeping a lot of extra things. So, whenever you are renovating then you have to have as many wall niches as possible. See at: for more information.

Renovate Your Home With Artistic Science

Home renovation is a mix of art and science. How it is art and how it is science? It is art because picking the right color, theme, texture and right material for your home renovation is to make the space look brighter or more refreshing can be done by an artist only. On the other hand, it is science because keeping your windows big enough so you can enjoy the natural sunlight and designing a small space so it can occupy as many things as possible is science. Renovations are tricky since it will be both demanding and can be heavy on your pocket sometimes. Nevertheless, keeping a balance is the best thing. There are many options available in the market which can be easily adjusted into you budget. Your renovations have to start with a great idea with a clear thinking of what you want. Are you struggling with less space or you have a profession which creates a clutter in your home. Do you have kids? First jot down all the main targets that you want to achieve through renovations. If you have, frequent parties and a lot of guests are invited on regular basis then what you want your home to look like. Do you want to startle them with a stunning entrance or you want to keep it simple to clean up easily later. When you start with renovations, you have to keep two things in your mind. Style and functionality, you want your home to look stylish but you cannot avoid functionality, as you have to make your daily living easy. You can plan a living room with a lower grounded conversation pit. Your attic can be used as a pillow room. The space under your stairs can be used to add a book shelf or you can also use this space by adding a door in it and you can use it as a store. This space can also be used as a book nook. If you are keeping a dog as a pet then you can make its shelter underneath your stairway. There must be two spaces for your dishwashers. One in you main kitchen and the other one is in your dirty kitchen. If you have a shabby garden, then it can be turned into a piece of art by planting flower plants. If you have a tree in your garden then you can add a tree house in it. There must be a pest control system, whichmust be installed in your house. These small bugs can be a big problem. You can add baseboard drawers to maximum your storage capacity. Your shower can have an S shaped seat, so you lie down in it. You can have a walk in shower, this way you don’t have to clean glass. There must be chutes installed in your kitchen for the recycling and trash. Renovate your home with style and functionality.

Stylize Your Home: Home Refurbishment

Remodeling your home is getting very easy because of easy to install accessories available in the market. The key is to plan, organize and arrange. These are the magic words. First, you have answer to three important questions. 1-What to install? 2-Where to install? How to install?.When you have made a sound plan then stick with it throughout its implementation.Do you want to add a modern stylish look or you want a vintage look. It depends on what you like. You can make your shelves look neat and cute and not cluttered. Add, as many shelves as you can because it hides all the extra things you have and shelves is a great storage idea. You can choose white windows, as they always look fresh and are timeless. This idea never gets old. Likewise, brown wood textured doors are another classic idea, which is evergreen. Adding flowerpots always will make your home look and smell beautiful. You can also look for flowers that last a year. Get inspirations from nature. Adding waterfall wallpaper or a scenery to your living room will make your guests feel happy. Green and white colors are used to calm and make you feel relax. Refurbishment is a once in a life time activity so taking interest can save you money while adding the ideas you want to your home. A fireplace in your home can bring life and this place is letting your family relax and engage in chitchat in evenings. Adding some traditional features like cornicing is very valuable. It can save your wall corners and add life to it. Bespoke shelving can hide many things you have. You can add them in every nook and corner of your home. From a tricky corner to a alcoves. You can use lamination in your kitchen and add mirrors so it can make your kitchen look bigger. A power shower is always interesting. It can attached with a combi boiler. A glass having high gloss can be added behind a wall panel that is colorful to give a sleek look. Paint your entire house; it will change the look of your home in an instant. The traditional curtains cost a lot of money, a cheaper solution to this are adding blinds, whichare not only stylish but can easily fit into your budget. The design of the tile matters a lot to add the theme you want. For a living room, adding a beige and white tile always looks fresh and adding a wooden textured tiles to your kitchen and your fireplace will make these places look like a dream. Always have smart lights in your home. These are energy savers, which can save money. Whenever you are refurbishing your home always install energy savers sockets. Refurbish your home with style.

Renovation With Innovation : Home Accessories

After when you are done with home renovations.You can start accessorizing your home.Colors, decoration pieces and a lot more.If you have renovated your home by adding a book nook space under your stairways then you can make it a comfortable place by adding small pillows and cushions. Place a quilt to add more definition to the place. A small book shelve can be placed near it with flower vases. The stairway can be decorated with a timeline of your pictures. The collection of frames takes a long time but if you stick to it then you can gather a good collection of picture frames.The fireplace can be added with some small chunks of wood and you can place a rug just in front of the fireplace. The curtains or blinds have to match the theme of the rest of your home. If you are having adding wall papers having scenery or you want to add a wall paper with bold textures on it then you can match the curtains with it. Plain curtains look best. You can pick cotton, silk or velvet. The cotton curtains are very easy to maintain as they can be washed easily. The chandelier looks best infront of the main entrance.Adding a lot of storage space is very important as it clears up all the extra clutter in your home. Wall paper can bring life into your space. Picking the right wall paper is the key. If you pick a good bold textured wall paper on the stairway then it will make your stairway look very poised. Accessorize your home with side tables so you can place vase on it and put fresh flowers in them. You can also use air fresheners if you have a busy schedule to pick the fresh flowers from the flower shop. You can put a rug infront of the main entrance. If you have pets then you can keep their space in your backyard. If you don’t have a backyard then you can place your pets in the kitchen area. A flat screen is the best choice for your home. As it takes less space and looks neat on the wall.Always keep a center table in your television room and always keep a space for magazines and newspapers. Your living room have to be the most comfortable since you spend most of the time there so you have to place comfortable sofa set there with big cushions which you can also use as pillows. Always keep indoor plants in your home. They keep the air fresh and atmosphere cool and fresh. Adding green plants have a very good effect on soothing the mind. Please visit our company website at:

Renovate Your Homes With Curtain And Blinds

You can complement your home with curtains and blinds, they will add life and bring freshness and the clever part is that they can hide away many things, which you can only cover with paint. Selecting the right curtain is very important. Since, these require maintenance so you have to change them after sometime. Silk curtains look very beautiful since they are shiny and look very stylish. Velvet curtains give a vintage style and are a little difficult to maintain. Your living room is the most important place and most of the time; most of the houses have a big window. So, you can use a velvet curtain to cover it up since in the day time a lot of sunlight comes in that room. Therefore, if you want to take a nap in your living room or you have placed your flat screen and you want to create a cinema effect then you need velvet curtains. Blinds are another good alternative. A cheaper alternative, which can easily fit into your budget.Style your home with stylish classic or casual looking blinds. Readymade curtains are available in the market at a very affordable price. You can even change curtains for every season. The curtain rods are available in metal and in wood also. It depends on what is the color of the rest of the room. Wood rods looks very beautiful and metal looks good too and are practical more.If you want a long lasting structure then you go for metal curtain rods. Heavy red velvet curtains with golden curtain rods mostly imitate the Victorian style.On the other hand, you can also keep it simple by adding cotton curtains, which are easily washable, and you do not even need to give it to your dry cleaner. If you have kids then you don’t want long curtains, you can alter your curtains according to the size of your window. The better option is to use blinds since they are sized according to the window. The blinds can even roll up and looks very neat. The blinds though catch a lot of dust and needs to be replaced after sometime but since they are so affordable so it can be easily done.Some blinds are made of wood and looks very beautiful. The best part of using blinds in your home is this that they are coming with a lot of stylish textures and patterns. Therefore, there is a lot of variety. Blinds can block the sunlight more. Therefore, if you are planning to watch a movie in daytime by creating a cinema effect then you can easily do it with using blinds. After renovations, selecting curtains and blinds for your home is like icing on a cake.