Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone loves to decorate their houses. Especially when there is any festival coming or at the wedding of our loved ones, for this purpose they are most likely to hire an interior designer to choose the best color theme for their house. Decorating your house is not a simple task. You have to be careful about the colors you pick for decorating your bedroom, the living room, and the furniture selection for the kitchen and the living room, especially for your bedroom.

But what happens when you are overly excited about decoration and make some mistakes by selecting things that you think later that did not look suitable with other decor items. In this way, your money and time both get wasted, and your whole excitement about decoration goes in vain. You need an editorial eye to look for the things that go wrong when you spruce up your home decor. Today, in this article, I will explain to you some common decorating mistakes that anyone can make. But with a proper checklist, it is more likely to be avoided. So, let’s discuss:

Common Decorating Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes that people make while designing their homes.

Neglecting a Patch Test Before Choosing Paint.

There are thousands of paints available in the market that range from very light shade to very dark. This is the most common mistake that most people make without doing a patch test on a small portion of the wall, selecting a paint that does not look suitable later.


So, don’t paint your wall before thinking about whether it will match with the other decor items in your home. Instead, it is pretty better to do a patch test before painting your wall.

Getting Low-Cost Furniture In a Hurry.

It is often seen that people mostly take a cheap option when buying furniture because they do not have enough time to select a good one. This results in costly mistakes of changing furniture frequently.


So, always opt for good quality furniture for your home decoration as your home is really worth purchasing. Try to buy high-quality furniture with a warranty tag of at least ten years, so you do not need to buy your furniture frequently.

Selecting Curtains of Inappropriate Length

It is another common mistake that while choosing curtains, we often opt for short-length curtains. It is good if your curtain length is not too small as small-length curtains make the wall look shorter than it is.


Take this decision wisely when decorating your home. A good interior designer recommends ordering samples of curtains first to check them on your wall before ordering in bulk to avoid changing problems in the future. You can opt for the services of an experienced interior designer to reap the benefits of their services.

Getting All The Decor Items At Once

When we try to buy all the decoration pieces for our room at once, it is most likely that you will make some mistakes. Try to buy the most important decor items and then see it by decorating how it looks in your house.


A famous interior decorator says that “we often make mistakes when buying our whole furniture items at once because assembling it is also challenging even for professionals. So, always try to buy furniture one by one with the most important and large items in starting and small and decor pieces later.

Using Small Rug For The Living Area

Area rugs make your living room a new look. But when you use a small rug, it makes the room feel superfluous. It is recommended that an area rug should be large to go beneath the furniture.


Your rugs should be two to three inches large to go beyond the back of sofas, chairs, and other furniture in the living room. So, always opt for large area rugs rather than small rugs to make your living room perfect with other decor items.

Quick In Decorating The House.

A famous interior designer suggests that you never decorate your home in a hurry. Because hurriedness often leads to costly mistakes and always takes plenty of time to decorate your home.


Although everyone dreams of furnishing their house, it sometimes leads to blunders, especially when we do things in a hurry. When you are going to buy furniture or a living room sofa always go with proper measurement of your room and entrance of the gate to avoid future problems.

Missing  Change Artwork Like Other Decor Items

It is necessary to change the artwork of your living room on an occasional basis. Because if we are not doing it, then according to the top interior designers, we are really missing the full potential of decorative items. They suggest changing the artwork of your living room on a monthly basis to create a new and fresh look for your living room.


It is not always mandatory to buy new frames or decorative items. You can swap the items from your living room to your bedroom or from the bedroom to the living room. Also, do bear in mind that strategically hanging the artwork at an appropriate height is as important as changing their location to fill up the bare space of your walls. In this way, a new look can be created, and even it will not cost you high.

Using Too Much or Tiny Throw Pillows

We count the throw pillows as an essential decorative accent. But if you place too many pillows on your couches, it can cause trouble. In essence, it becomes impossible for you to sit on a couch or bed because they occupy too much space. Besides, aesthetically they don’t appeal to the visitors and create a messy look.

Also, it looks hilarious if you place a tiny pillow on a large couch or coffee chair. And reflects that you lack a decorative sense.


Don’t let the pillows look bitsy and lost. Instead, add the appropriate size pillows and place them on the couch at an adequate distance. This way, you can avoid this easily made decorative mistake and sit on the couch comfortably adoring your aesthetic sense reflecting in your home decor.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your home is everyone’s dream, but with a few mistakes that are mentioned above, we can avoid other future problems. When we buy decoration items or furniture, always keep in mind the furniture longevity and curtain fabric quality. And also entrance gate size and your bedroom measurement.

These are a few common mistakes that we mostly make. But it can be avoided otherwise our whole weekend can be wasted in fixing these mistakes. In this way, both our money and time can be wasted and even in some cases, we need to hire an electrician and plumber for fixing.